Conjuring 3 Release Update: New Storyline to Feature Werewolf Twist?

By Tanya | 2 years ago
Conjuring 3 Release Update: New Storyline to Feature Werewolf Twist?
demon nun in The Conjuring 2

Conjuring 3 is one of the most anticipated horror films from the successful film franchise to date. Now, that the second installment is out, fans are waiting for news on the making of the threequel.

Conjuring 3 in the works?

According to Jobs&Hire, as of now, there has been no news about a possible Conjuring 3. However, director James Wan has indicated that this is not the end of the series and more movies will be released in time. There are a lot more stories to tell from the case files of the Warrens and so many exciting possibilities exist.

Werewolf Twist?

The screenwriters Chad and Carey Hayes are interested as well. They want to cater to the enthusiasm of the fans by creating and developing more story lines. To add to the already scary stories, they have thought of a twist – to include werewolves in the story.

This is not as shocking as it seems. Ed and Lorraine Warren have handled cases of demonic possession in which the victim acted like a werewolf. Fans will certainly enjoy this new twist hopefully.

The Conjuring 3
Source: Facebook/The Conjuring

James Wan has wonderfully directed the previous Conjuring movies. While he seems like the best choice for the next one too, he has hinted that he may not be available to direct it. Wan does have other important projects in hand, such as Aquaman. It is a highly anticipated movie from the DC universe. If Wan does return to direct Conjuring 3, it will be most likely after he finishes Aquaman.

Conjuring 2 has done a good job at the box office and has till now made more than $250 million. Clearly, moviegoers love the series and the next ones in line too will earn a lot. Hopefully, there will be news about the Conjuring 3 soon enough.

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Photo Source: Facebook/The Conjuring

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