Conservatorship discussed by Parents of Amanda Bynes

By admin | 4 years ago

Amanda Bynes’ parents have been considering setting up a conservatorship that is similar to one that was set up for Britney Spears, a source who is close to the family said, after Bynes, the star of Hairspray, suffered another clash with law enforcement authorities.

On Monday, Bynes was detained by sheriff’s deputies from Ventura County and is currently held involuntarily for an evaluation of her mental health, said authorities.

The actress was stopped after she ignited the leg of her pants while starting a small fire in a Thousand Oaks home’s driveway using a gas can. The actress was raised in the Thousand Oaks area, where her father used to have a dental practice.

The Hairspray actress is already facing charges of drug possession in New York as well as being the subject of numerous charges in Los Angeles County.

Under the California Welfare and Institutions Code, Bynes was put under voluntary custody for her own safety said law enforcement officials.

Under state law, authorities can hold Bynes 72 hours, but it is thought she might remain in custody 14 more days if it can be determined she is a danger to herself as well as to others.

Bynes’ parents, who for over a year have been expressing concerns over her welfare, discussed a conservatorship for her.

The parents of singer Britney Spears obtained one after a number of very erratic incidents took place during 2008, including a visit to the salon where she shaved her head.

In the case of Spears, her father was the one who oversaw her life during the conservatorship with an attorney who was court-ordered since at the time the court ruled she was legally incompetent.

Under such conservatorships, a person must turn over even the most basic decisions on their life regarding doctors, money and their residence, to someone else.

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