Constantine Season 1 Finale Recap: Waiting For the Man

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Constantine Season 1 Finale Recap: Waiting For the Man
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In “Constantine” Season 1 Finale Episode 13 “Waiting for the Man,” Manny had something up his sleeve all along that definitely left fans with a shocking cliffhanger. Read below for the full recap.

The episode kicked off with “The Man” with his three brides who plans to take up a fourth one. His fourth wife was outside, and the three women went to her to ask her if she would like to be married to the Man even after revealing the bruises around their necks the girl still agreed.

The Man was inside his truck, waiting, when a police officer came to him and he attacked him.

Meanwhile, Zed and Constantine were at a bar waiting for Jim Corrigan. John was browsing through photos of a detective who has been mummified and Corrigan thinks he was killed because he was working on a case of the three missing girls who disappeared during the lunar eclipse. It so happens that the final eclipse was taking place that night, and John asked to see the detective’s body. It turned out that the detective has mysterious symbol branded onto his body.

Zed had a vision of Jim surrounded by green mist, but she didn’t say anything while John made use of Holy Water to reveal the markings on the man’s chest, and it turned out that it is the devil’s branding irons. This meant that the man behind this was a satanist.

Surprisingly, Gary Lester appeared and went for the dead body and warned John that there’s a bounty for his head. Papa Midnite was well aware of the bounty on John’s head, and he knew that in order to get it done it has to be a life for a life so he killed a man who killed the mom of his children.

The fourth wife, or Vesta, woke up while the three women went to the girl’s mother to tell them about her daughter. Zed was unsuccessful in getting visions when she tried it out on the girl’s teddy bear found in her room. She then told John about the vision she had concerning Corrigan, but they were interrupted by Jim then we saw Manny appearing in the other room because Zed called him unconsciously. John tracked down Vesta through her other personal belongings.

When they got to where Vesta was, they got interrupted by the man Papa Midnite killed, but Jim Corrigan managed to kill the man. Conveniently, Zed got a vision and located the address of a police. However, when they got there, they were already too late, and John sent Zed and Jim away while the Man meets with his fourth wife for the very first time.

Midnite showed up again and shoot John. The reason why Midnite was after killing John was because killing him will save his sister’s soul from eternal damnation, and the Brujeria will do that for him. However, taking down John Constantine isn’t that easy because he managed to survive and knock Midnite out.

Zed had information that The Man killed his wife a few years back because he found out that she wasn’t the virgin he deserved. The Man prays before an altar and that’s when Vesta had second thoughts and ran away. He got to Vesta but John and the gang were there as well and they were able to get The Man. John then sent the spirits of the three wives onward and Vesta was reunited with her mother.

Later that day, Zed told Jim that she saw him dead, but Corrigan took it lightly and said that he wants to make every moment count and they kissed. John saw the whole thing, and he got a bit jealous. However, he had other things in mind and went outside the bar. He called for Manny, and Manny told him not to give up. Then the scene changed to Midnite who was in a police car when his car door suddenly opened, and there was Manny who released him and told him to cancel the contract on Constantine. He’s off-limits. Midnite asked if he works for the Brujeria, but it turned out it was the other way around — the Brujeria works for Manny.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Steff Geissbuhler, Chermayeff & Geismar

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