Constantine Season 1 Recap: A Feast of Friends

By April Lara | 4 years ago
Constantine Season 1 Recap: A Feast of Friends
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If demons get you, pray that they are not in the form of insects! Read on to learn more about “Constantine” Season 1 Episode 4 “A Feast of Friends.”

In this episode, we were taken a bit deeper to John's very dark past. Gary Lester of Gaz flew in to Atlanta looking very sick, with him was a vial that looked very suspicious. A guard from the airport opened it, and out flew bugs, and they went for the guard’s throat.

Meanwhile, Zed and John were having a conversation, where Zed told him that she’s never done drugs, and we all know that John has quite a history with drugs. Manny interrupted, hinting that something’s going on. They went to Jasper’s and found an infestation of bugs. There, John and Gary reunited. John seemed to be avoiding questions about Newscastle and asked Gary instead how he got hold of a bottle full of evil bugs.

He told his story that he met a man in Sudan with strange carvings on his face, and he tried to exorcise the demon out of the man, only to have transferred to another man. The possessed guard was now eating everything, waiting for its next victim to possess.

Now, John came up with a plan, and he made his own vessel to capture the demon while Zed continuously pester him about Newcastle. He avoided it consistently and concentrated on Gary’s drug addiction. John left Zed to go to a grocery store because the evil plague has spread there, and she started asking questions.

Gary didn’t want to give too much away but still gave some details about Newcastle. He said that a whole group went with John at Newcastle, but then something possessed Astra and dragged her to hell. Gary was still shaken with that memory that Zed comforted him by touching him, and she had visions about Gary’s past.

John was fighting the demons at the local grocery store, but he later on found out that the vessel he’s made wasn’t right. When he got back to the cabin, he looked at Zed’s drawings of a man from her visions. He took this as a lead to solve this demonic case. He went to an African restaurant, and the man there, who’s a shaman, was already waiting for John.

The shaman told him the name of the demon is Mnemoth, but for him to get more information, he needed to do him a favor — a drig trip. He shared a drug with John, a drug that has a high that can last forever. This was such a creepy and disgusting scene when Nommo pulled John’s eye out of its socket and placed it on his own.

After their trip, they discovered the origins of the demon, and they found out that in order to defeat it would be through the sacred Kusa knife. Just when he was about to tell Zed and Gary about this, he only found Zed there. Gary left to set things right. Luckily, he knew where to find Gary, and he saw him beaten up by drug dealers. He was able to save him.

They went to a bar to have some heart-to-heart talk and decided to fight the demon together. They were about to get the Kusa knife after a few obstacles along the way, but they found out that in order to defeat the devil or hold it was to capture it through a living person. And John knew who exactly that person is — Gary.

Gary was all up for it because he finally wants to have his life full of meaning. He told Gary that it’s going to take some time, and it’s going to be painful before he dies. Gary was fine with it. The insects then got inside Gary’s throat, and John carved stuff on his face and stayed with his friend until he dies. Manny was there too, while Zed was furious because of what John did.

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