Constantine Season 1 Recap: Angels and Ministers of Grace

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Constantine Season 1 Recap: Angels and Ministers of Grace
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Constantine” Season 1 is approaching its end, well for its first season that is but before we think about that, Episode 12 “Angels and Ministers of Grace” just pretty much convinced us that a second season should be in order. Read below for the full recap.

This episode kicked off with Taylor, who is a drug addict who was getting drugs that time. Then, everything went dark and a monster injected the drugs straight through her chest. At first, it seemed like she’s dead when black veins started spreading across her face and then surprisingly she woke up.

Meanwhile, Constantine visited Zed in the Millhouse. Zed told him that she’s not yet ready to use her powers yet. John told her that she should try because of the war that’s happening. Manny showed up and told John about Taylor. John intentionally pissed off the angel and it worked. On the other hand, Manny didn’t give John any more information on Taylor. John then went to Chas to stab him wit a screwdriver to

John then went to Chas to stab him with a screwdriver to use it an excuse to get to the ER and get to Taylor and Chas agreed. Zed went directly to Taylor and she saw a vision of an angel. When she let go of Taylor, she crashed and Zed had a seizure.

It turns out that Zed has a tumor in her brain. John and Chas found out that Taylor’s body was full of darkness. A maintenance worker named Duncan was also attacked by the monster that attacked Taylor. Manny showed up again and John told him to fix Zed. Manny said there’s nothing he can do so John cast a spell on him that made him human temporarily. You can imagine how pissed Manny was.

They were on a mission to find the one behind the attacks. At first they thought it was Morris, a man who’s had a skin graf. They thought that he was killing people who waste their second chance at life. However, they were proven wrong when they found out that that the killer was Zed’s doctor. He had a second chance at life and the shrapnel in his chest was actually a piece of the black diamond. Also, he has no control of his anger when he sees someone wasting their life.

It turns out that they need Manny to solve this case. John turned him into an angel once again and Manny managed to take Zed’s doctor “home.” John blames himself for Zed’s tumor. When Manny tried to talk to Zed again, Zed can now see him. She decided not to have her tumor removed because her pain helps John.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Steff Geissbuhler, Chermayeff & Geismar

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