Constantine Season 1 Recap: Blessed Are the Damned

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Constantine Season 1 Recap: Blessed Are the Damned
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In “Constantine” we are aware of the presence of evil as well as the presence of good in the form of the angel, Manny. But in Episode 7 “Blessed Are the Damned” there’s another angel that we didn’t see coming. Read below for the full recap.

It all started with a preacher, Zachary. He has a small group of people who believes in him while others want to hear what he has to say. He’s no ordinary preacher because he has powers. First off, we saw him get bitten by a snake to prove to his people that no evil can harm him. The snake was poisonous, but Zachary didn’t get the least bit affected by it and fully recovered after getting bitten. Of course, this was surprising, as well as fascinating, to the churchgoers and this fueled their beliefs in him.

Next, he brought back the leg of another man while he gave another man his sight back. With the “miracles” that he showed to his people, more are coming to the church.

Meanwhile, during Zed’s art class, she was suddenly hit by a vision of snakes, and that led her and John to Zachary’s church. John found it rather intriguing that Zachary speaks Enochian, which was the language of the angels.

However, Pete, the man Zachary helped and brought his leg back, went to the doctor. After which, he suddenly changed into a different person when he started attacking people. It turned out that the people that Zachary has been helping seems to turn into evil.

Zed had another vision while John questioned Zachary regarding his ability to speak Enochian. However, Zachary just told him that it was the Lord’s gift to him, and he should never question that. Zed’s vision made her realize that Zachary was about to die, but John had other things in mind. He thinks that Zachary’s powers are taking a toll on the land. They went to the local river, and his suspicion was proven right when they found the river full of dead fish.

John can’t seem to fully comprehend what’s really happening there, so he asked Manny’s help and even threw in the “please” word just so he would appear. And he did and took over Zed’s body. Manny gave him advice, and once Manny’s gone, John asked Zed to hum some of the Enochian that Zachary had spoken. This led them to tree on top of a hill and saw a pile of leaves. Underneath the pile of leaves was an angel, ailing.

The angel’s name was Imogen, and she told them her story. She said that she was on her way to pick up Zachary because he was dying, but he ripped one of her wing’s feathers. And because of that, she was left stuck in the physical world, dying. Manny reappeared once again to talk to Imogen and told her that he didn’t have any idea that an angel was left in the human world.

They found out that Imogen’s feather was safely kept around Zachary’s neck. Zachary’s sister, who’s also sick, refused to be healed by her brother because he’s changed. Because of this, Zachary kicked his sister out.

John asked for the feather back, but of course Zachary won’t give it to him. Meanwhile, Zed decided to take matters into her own hands to get the feather from Zachary. What she did was to attend his ministry and told John that she wanted to believe so Zachary took her to the river to baptize her. That’s when Zed had her chance and took the feather from Zachary.

She returned it to Imogen, but it turned out that that wasn’t a good decision because that’s when they found out that Imogen was lying all along. Zachary told them that he’s bound for hell because he killed a man, and that’s when they realized that Imogen was a fallen angel.

Once her wings were patched up, it turned black. They found out that she killed a human to see how easy it could be. She tried to leave, but John stopped her. However, she was strong. Just when Imogen was about to go for Zed, Manny appeared (thanks to John’s pleas) and ripped out Imogen’s heart out of her chest.

John held onto the heart as a sign of trophy that even amidst the rising darkness, goodness can still prevail. However, what they didn't know yet is someone is coming after Zed, disguised as her art model just to find her.

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