Constantine Season 1 Recap: The Darkness Beneath

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Constantine Season 1 Recap: The Darkness Beneath
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The previous episode of “Constantine” left us with a woman in a room full of John’s sketches. In Episode 2 “The Darkness Beneath,” we finally met who this woman is and her connection to John’s life. Meanwhile, John was in for another evil to take down. Read on for the full recap.

Heddwich is a town in Pennsylvania known for its coal mining. However, the miners have been complaining about the noises coming from the mine shafts. This was later on proven when a coal miner named Lannis died when the shower that’s supposedly bring water brought fire instead. The evil in this place was like a magnet to John, and the next thing he knew, he’s in Heddwich about to take on another demonic case.

When he got to the town, he bumped into Zed. She’s the woman who’s been sketching John and putting it up all over her room. Her actions are not normal, but Zed is optimistic amidst the evil that surrounds them. She has a gift of vision. She kept on insisting that Fate brought her and John together, and she was so thrilled about it.

However, John couldn’t care less on “fate” and “bringing them together” in one place. All he wanted to do is to finish what he came for and leave. John found out that the accidents that have been happening in the mines have been going around for months. He went to the coal mine. He smashed an ax to its walls and something knocked back.

The next thing he did was to pretend to be a journalist and head on over to Lannis’ wake. His wife was there, but he’s not interested to have any conversations with anyone so he started to investigate. When he got to the bathroom, he saw a mysterious slime. But before he could further investigate it, Lannis’ wife discovered him and attacked him. He also saw the slime thing on her arm. He wanted to take a good look at it, but he didn’t have the chance because the wife was advancing on him. He decided to leave, but before she could do so, the president of the mine company punched him.

In his hotel room, he found Zed there waiting. She was still trying to convince him that fate has brought them together. John, on the other hand, knew that she has a gift. He decided to use her interest in their “fate” to take advantage of her vision to lead him to a place that could solve the evil presence at the coal mine. Zed gave her a vision of fire and a giant cross, so he went up to the chapel.

Zed investigated on her own and went to a local bar where she met a former priest, Ellis. John had an encounter with a spirit and another miner died. That’s when it hit him that the spirits there were actually the dead miners who only wants to warn miners of danger. It seemed like evil was working on it to change how things go. He also sensed that a human was involved in it.

He first suspected the priest, and he asked Zed again for her vision. Zed gave him a vision of a camp near the river, and it turned out it’s Ellis’ place. He’s not really evil, but Ellis admitted to him that he has no faith anymore to summon evil. It looked like the demon doesn’t want to be stopped. During their whole conversation, the president of the mining company and his son were being attacked by the demon.

They went immediately to the scene and was able to save the president's son. It was so surprising because John was very polite towards the demon. That’s when it hit him again that Lannis’ wife was behind the demonic activity happening around town. He came to her house. There, he found deadly miner spirits including her husband’s,and she didn’t expect that. He summoned Lannis’ presence and sealed the wife’s fate to the ghost of her husband whom she killed.

Once again, Zed told John that she wanted to come along with him because it’s “fate." John warned her that it is really not advisable for people like them to be together because usually, one ends up dead. However, Zed didn't care at all and was determined to go with John.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Steff Geissbuhler, Chermayeff & Geismar

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