Constantine Season 1 Recap: The Devil’s Vinyl

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Constantine Season 1 Recap: The Devil’s Vinyl
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Constantine” has just proven in Episode 3 “The Devil’s Vinyl” that devils might just be in about anything. It could be in your mobile phone or probably in a piece of paper. Read on for the full recap. 

The episode opened with a woman looking for a vinyl record, the acetate in a recording studio in Chicago. When she found it, she brought it over to a music producer to examine. However, she told him not to listen to it. Can you just say that to a music producer? Of course the producer listened to it and that caused him his death. When it played, things got weird, he ended up killing himself.

Zed has found where John and Chas live. When she got there, she saw John performing a kind of ritual with news of the music producer’s death who turned out to be John’s friend. With this information, he quickly grabbed Zed to bring him to Chicago, but Zed also had a vision of jasmine and cold sensation before they went out the door.

They got to the morgue, and there was Bernie’s body. John used his powers to bring the dead to life just for a few minutes just to gather some clues that will lead him to the bottom of a demonic act. The dead uttered “acetate” and “moonrise,” and they took this as clues. They discovered that there’s a studio named Moonrise that belongs to Marcus Mooney.

They infiltrated the studio, and John and Zed were able to learn more about the curse of that specific vinyl. Willie Cole, a musician, recorded it and sold his soul during the 1930s. Then his soul was collected after a few years. The vinyl sucked in Willie as well as the evil force that killed him. Mooney gave them another lead, a man named Fell, who turned out to be a very famous musician.

They weren’t looking for the famous Fell, though, but for the wife, Jasmine Fell. She told them that she sacrificed her soul to save her husband from cancer, and her time was almost up. The devil was about to collect her, but then she negotiated another deal — she needed to hand over the acetate.

John asked who that person she negotiated with, and she pointed him to Papa Midnite, a voodoo priest who’s after the acetate for his own good. Knowing what John can do, he immediately chained him up and cut his arm and leave him to bleed out while Zed stayed with the Fells.

However, what they didn’t see coming was Midnite had some men to help him get what he wants. His men barged into the Fells' place, and they were able to get the vinyl. Midnite wanted people to hear it so they would kill each other and create massive destruction. Zed rescued John, but it was a bit too late because Midnite was able to play the vinyl in a club where all the clubbers killed each other. They caught him playing it on the radio as well. Fortunately, somehow, they were still able to stop him. However, they weren’t able to kill Midnite. It looked like he and John will cross paths once again, and by that time, he’s going to finish off John, especially that he ruined his plans.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Steff Geissbuhler, Chermayeff & Geismar

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