Constantine Season 1 Recap: The Rage of Caliban

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Constantine Season 1 Recap: The Rage of Caliban
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It’s like the rebirth of “Omen” in “Constantine” Season 1 Episode 6 “The Rage of Caliban,” only that this one was darker. Read on for the full recap.

“Constantine” keeps getting better and better and gruesome as well, but it really does comply with its dark story. The episode kicked off with two parents killed while their child survived. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find the suspect when the cops got to the scene. John and Chas have a hunch already that there’s evil involved, so they headed to the girl’s place in Birmingham, Alabama. When they got there, Manny appeared and told John about the “rising darkness” and how he can’t be of any help to John in this particular case that he’s going to tackle.

No worries because John can definitely pave his way and work on it without his help. He came to the conclusion that the spirit who possessed the girl was now on the loose. It was possible that she was  hunting a new body to live in, probably looking for a child.

John was right because the spirit has found its way to little Henry. He had been having nightmares, and his parents were trying to calm him. The spirit swooped in through the open window. Henry was suddenly calm and collected, which indicated that there was something wrong.

Meanwhile, John was on his way to visit Marcello, the earliest and the still-living host that is now locked up in a mental institution. He found out that he has bad parents. He killed them with an ax that was also used by his father to reprimand him, hence the missing three fingers.

Now that the spirit was in Henry it started creating havoc, and its first target was his father who got his feet into a set of exploding light bulbs. He even let a crow get in between the sliding kitchen door in front of his mom. Without Manny’s help, John and Chas managed to track down the spirit. During their search, they even squeezed in a bit of bonding time and bromance where Chas revealed the truth about his wife who left him.

John found Henry at the school playground, and he was about to warn a teacher regarding the events that might occur. He realized that he wouldn’t be taken seriously so he had no choice but to watch Henry fracture the bully’s skull. He tried to pretend to be a school counselor and dropped by at Henry’s. Later on, it was revealed that he’s an exorcist. He was sent to jail by Henry’s parents, but thanks to his quick thinking, he left his card on the table.

When he was in jail, his inmate transformed into Manny again who was talking about his past. John would rather not talk about it, and he was able to get out of that whole talk with Manny when Claire appeared to talk about his son’s possession. John gave him two choices on how to remove the spirit: by binding the spirit to a specific location or to exorcise him. John told her that the first would be the best option because the latter reminded him of what happened to Astra.

Claire was a doctor, and she drugged her son. They then took him to an abandoned house — Marcello’s. They tried to bind the spirit there, but they failed. Henry was about to wake up so they rushed him back home. When he was awake, he was in costume, and John cast a spell on a mirror to bounce Henry’s telekinetic powers back at him. Henry went out to the streets. He made Chas get sandwiched by two cars. No need to worry because Chas can heal himself.

Accidentally, John smashed the bewitched mirror, and all he could do now was use his power of words. He then realized that the spirit was actually Marcello, and then after some action, he bound the spirit to its original body.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Steff Geissbuhler, Chermayeff & Geismar

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