Constantine Season 1 Recap: The Saint of Last Resorts Pt. 2

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Constantine Season 1 Recap: The Saint of Last Resorts Pt. 2
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Before “Constantine” went on hiatus, John was terribly injured because Sister Anne shot him and left him in the sewers with a monster just a few steps away from him. Find out the turn of events in the recap below.

John Constantine, aside from being a demon “fighter,” didn’t get up that career ladder without resources. Fighting off demons calls for a different level of resourcefulness, and thankfully, he has that — he embedded the demon a few steps away from him within himself. Manny showed up and didn’t like what he saw. Manny has no plans to help John anymore, especially that it was John who chose to get help from hell instead of heaven.

He’s lucky he still has Chas who found him and helped him out of the sewer. We found out that John’s plan was to exorcise the evil inside of him before it takes full control. It turned out that he needed the evil spirit inside of him to heal. However, he underestimated the demon because it was stronger than he expected.

Meanwhile, Zed had a vision that showed Sister Anne in pain with blood coming out of her eyes. Zed was in the hands of someone from the Resurrection Crusade and has been giving her knock-out drugs so she won’t be able to fight them off. She got lucky as well and managed to take control of the van and even had the chance to talk to Chas regarding John’s condition.

John, or the demon inside of him, was wreaking havoc by killing off people in Mexico. He got lucky again when Stanley Gibson helped him out, but the demon refused and chose to be friends with a convict named Julio, which would help the demon survive inside John’s body. And then Manny showed up again to patch things up with John.

Chas and Zed were on their way to find Sister Anne to help John. When they reached her, she told them that the evil that John has summoned was the demon king named Pazuzu. Sister Anne still wouldn’t budge, so Zed told her that John has been talking to people from heaven, and that made her agree.

Back in prison, gang members are closing in John to avenge the fallen brothers, but this only triggered the demon king inside of him, and he was able to get out of it. It was time to exorcise the demon out of John, but it wasn’t that easy. Sister Anne had a hard time and tried different approaches and even encountered a few challenges, such as Vicente’s arrival who now treats John as his ally and snapped Chas’ neck — of course he lives.

Since it was difficult to exorcise the demon out of him, John finally asked Anne to perform the Roman Catholic ritual. Of course, Pazuzu tried to fight it and revealed Anne’s deepest shame so as to stop her, but luckily, Zed was there to bring sanity to Anne. Finally, they were able to exorcise the demon out of John, and all’s well again. Life for John will even be more different now that he’s experienced being possessed. How will that go then?

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Steff Geissbuhler, Chermayeff & Geismar

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