Constantine Season Premiere Recap: Non Est Asylum

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Constantine Season Premiere Recap: Non Est Asylum
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“Constantine” Season 1 Episode 1 “Non Est Asylum” kicked off with John Constantine at Ravenscar for electroshock therapy. He’s doing this because being an exorcist simply means that he has seen a lot of evil stuff, and he wants to forget those. However, there are some things that can’t be forgotten through electrocution. He has recently gone back from Newcastle as he helped a girl named Astra overcome the demon who possessed her. However, the demon won, and the girl died. Aside from this, he was also battling with himself. 

Meanwhile, it seems like he just can’t avoid demons because he saw a woman in Ravenscar writing something on the wall. She’s clearly possessed. He exorcised the  woman in a very messy way. Once the demon has left her body, he saw what the woman wrote on the wall “LIV DIE.”

This was actually the name of a woman who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Quickly, John got to her before the ground swallows her open. Then we saw the angel named Manny who appeared twice in this episode. In his first appearance, he told John that something’s on the way.

When Liv got back to her apartment, she carved symbol on her door, as well as a ring of salt outside her apartment. That ring of salt can surely protect her from evil spirits but not her neighbor, who wasn’t able to avoid evil and was somehow possessed by the demon. They thought she was dead, and she was on her way to the morgue when she started thrashing around and killed her medical examiner. This scene was pretty scary.

Liv got really scared with what happened to her neighbor that she contacted John right away for protection and help as well. John said that the symbol carved on her door, as well as the ring of salt, was done by his good friend, Chas. He finally explained why he went to Liv right away when he saw the carving on the wall. He knew her father, Jasper, who left her with a gift. However, their conversation was interrupted when Liv’s neighbor came thrashing into her apartment, wanting to kill Liv. John commented how wrong everything was because things shouldn’t be like that.

Liv got so curious with the “gift” that John told her, so she went to her mother’s house to get answers. She was able to talk to the spirit of her dead old grandmother, and she found the pendant that her father left her. With the use of the pendant, she can see lost souls. and it’s like a map too that can locate demonic activity. On the other hand, John wanted to repay Jasper a favor that he has done for him years back.

John wanted to know why all of these is happening, so he went to an old friend, Ritchie, who’s really not thrilled to help him but still agreed to after John tried to blackmail him. Then we saw Manny again who froze time and told John to save his soul.

At the rooftop, John did a demon seal, and the demon arrived. While they were waiting for the demon, John and Liv talked, and John told her that her mother died giving birth to her. Her father blamed her for her mother’s death. And because of that, he started learning how to perform dark arts to find the soul of her mother. After a while, the demon came in the body of a guard. It was a battle, and the demon even summoned Astra to defeat John. But thanks to Liv, she snapped John out of a trance. He was able to banish the demon, but he was shaken up by what happened. He sent home Liv and warned her to stay away from him, and Liv left.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Steff Geissbuhler, Chermayeff & Geismar

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