Contestant’s Uncle asks Jennifer Lopez on a date by sending a note

By admin | 4 years ago

Jennifer Lopez is agreeably one of the most beautiful women that Hollywood has to offer. She simply looks stunning while she appears as judge at the American Idol show.

But enough about her beauty. Lets talk more on what happened at the show on Wednesday.

Jennifer and the two other judges Harry and Keith were judging the audition of 16 year old Kassandra, who sang Adele’s ‘Chasing Pavements’.

However, the 16 year old was quite nervous when she made her way to the spot. She nervously handed Jennifer a note and told Jennifer that her uncle wanted to ask her out on a date, at which point she handed Jen the note.

Jennifer began to read it out loud.

‘My uncle wanted me to give you his number. Please call or text to say hi.’

Moving on, though Harry did not think that the teen was yet ready to perform on American Idol, Jennifer and Keith voted her through by telling Harry that they totally disagree with him. After that Harry mentioned the following:
‘I’m going to call Jay now,’ Harry said, taking the piece of paper. ‘He might be hot.’

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