Continuation Of ‘Under The Dome’ Is At Risk? Sci-Fi Drama’s First Recorded Rating 0.9

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
Continuation Of ‘Under The Dome’ Is At Risk? Sci-Fi Drama’s First Recorded Rating 0.9
‘Under The Dome’ season 3

The recent rating of CBS’s “Under the Dome” season 3 has marked the lowest figure and the show is reported to be in risk of being cancelled. Read on to know more in details.

TV by the Numbers released a report on July 17 that shows the latest sci-fi drama “Under the Dome” has only earned 0.9 rating. The figure has come down two-tenths from last week’s 1.1 adults 18-49 rating.

The decrease in the show’s ratings is adequate to make a confusion in the CBS Television Network members whether or not to accept the request for another season. However, so far, neither there is any comment from CBS nor the executives of “Under the Dome” regarding the cancellation or renewal of the season 3.

According to Christian Today, executive producer Tim Schlattmann  recently said at the Comic-Con International 2015 that all the secrets about the Dome will be disclosed by the completion of an ongoing season.

“We threw a lot of stuff at you in the first two hours. By the end of the season, you will know everything. I usually don’t use this language … but things are gonna get bananas,” Schlattmann said.

Before the unexpected dipping in rating, the cast members Marg Helgenberger, Colin Ford and Mike Vogel were present at Comic-Con, who all teased the fans to triggering the expectation from “Under the Dome” season 3.

“Sometimes a series can have deaths that don’t really mean anything. I think in this season, these deaths are really going to matter. It is all going to start to build in tonight’s episode and moving forward,” Schlattmann teased at Ballroom 20, Comic-Con.

The “Under the Dome” season 3 viewers have not observed any major character’s death for a long period of time. A major character Melanie Cross (Grace Victoria Cox) was removed when she was killed by Big Jim (Dean Norris) in the first episode.

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