Controversial Politician Wendy Davis Will Have A TV Series Loosely Imitating Her Life, Pilot Airs In NBC

By Lex Lopez | 2 years ago
Controversial Politician Wendy Davis Will Have A TV Series Loosely Imitating Her Life, Pilot Airs In NBC
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Highly regarded Democratic politician Wendy Davis will have art imitating her life as NBC has greenlit a dramedy which will be loosely based on the phenomenal former senator. Read on for more details.

The said series according to Deadline will center on a senator who has fallen from grace in her attempt for a gubernatorial seat. In the long run the setback will slowly fan the flame of her inner fire, as she plays grunt in a friend’s law firm, this will ultimately release her character of being tough, uncompromising and intimidating.

Such a story arc deeply mirrors the political grind of noted filibuster Davis when she took hold of the national spotlight in 2013, with her 11-hour stand against the updated abortion proposal dubbed as the Texas Senate Bill 5.

The profound run-in with the legislature subsequently was the catalyst for Davis’ attempt to contend for a seat as a governor of Texas in 2014. Unfortunately, she was toppled by Republican Greg Abbott by a margin of twenty percent.

Jennifer Cecil, one of the executive producers of the medical drama “Private Practice” will helm the script for the as yet unnamed project. Cecil also was the co-executive producer of Hell On Wheels (AMC) and Hostages (CBS).

The project is still entirely kept under wraps nevertheless it didn’t stop a pondering article from Bustle. They gave a compelling who’s who roll-call of actresses to feasibly play the hardly damsel in distress politician.

Making it into the initial review were Amy Poehler (“Parks and Recreation”), Tina Fey (“The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”), Amy Schumer (“Trainwreck”), Kristen Wiig (“Saturday Night Live”), June Diane Raphael (“Grace and Frankie”), Maria Bamford (“Lady Dynamite”),  and Nikki Glaser (“Nikki & Sara Live”).

Davis, who earned her law degree in Harvard, recently championed another well-known female legislator.   The former senator endorsed Hillary Clinton’s bid for the presidency during her September campaign as cited by Life Site News.

“Hillary has demonstrated for many years her exemplary ability to lead in the face of real challenges. We need someone like that,” the 52-year-old politician declared.

Photo Source: Facebook/Wendy Davis

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