Cool For School: Celebrities With Outstanding Education

By Miguel Lauresta | 3 years ago
Cool For School: Celebrities With Outstanding Education
Actress Natalie Portman at the premiere for Thor: The Dark World, October 25, 2013

Whenever someone describes a celebrity, it’s always the usual things — beauty,  style, etc. But for some reason, no one has ever expected a movie star or a television actor to be smart and highly educated. In today’s culture, a lot of people working in the entertainment industry are observed as slow on the uptake due to the characters that these actors portray. But unbeknownst to many, a lot of celebrities have good education; some of them are even accomplished in their fields of study. Here are some of them.

Natalie Portman

The award-winning actress has been in the entertainment industry since she was a little girl. Knowing the importance of good education, she took a break from acting, packed up her bags and enrolled in school. She eventually got in to Harvard and graduated with a degree in psychology.

“She was in my seminar called Neuropsychology and the Law, and I didn’t know who she was because her name was Natalie Hershlag. It was a few weeks into the semester that I learned she was an actress—but she was a terrific student,” said Law School Professor Alan M. Dershowitz in an interview with The Harvard Crimson.

Proving that she’s not only beautiful, Portman is also a polyglot, able to speak multiple languages, and has two published scientific journals under her name.

Lupita Nyong’o

The Academy Award winner for Best Supporting Actress credits her good education for being a disciplined actress. She was still a Yale drama student when she got her award-winning role in “12 Years a Slave.” The program in her drama class is rigorous and strict that only 16 people were chosen out of almost a thousand that applied.

David Duchovny

Famously known as Fox Moulder in the cult TV series “X-Files,” Duchovny was a graduate of English literature from Princeton. As if one Ivy League school was not enough, he went and got his master’s degree from Yale. He stressed the value of learning and the reality that there is a person smarter than you.

Emma Watson

Her character in the “Harry Potter” series was no different from her apparently. Both of them loved school and learning. Watson was serious about getting an education that she took a time out from Hollywood just so she could get her diploma. Watson graduated at Brown University with a degree in English literature.

Mindy Kaling

As one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People, Kaling is someone people can aspire to be. Known for her quirky and lovable characters in TV shows like “The Office” and “The Mindy Kaling Project,” she graduated from the prestigious Dartmouth College with a degree in Theater Arts. She is also an accomplished playwright, having won a playwriting award in 1999.

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