Was ‘Cool PM’ Malcolm Turnbull Confused Which Hemsworth Brother He Was With?

By Ivy Candelaria | 3 years ago
Was ‘Cool PM’ Malcolm Turnbull Confused Which Hemsworth Brother He Was With?
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook/Malcolm Turnbull |

Could it be that Australia’s “Cool Prime Minister” needs to brush up more on pop culture? Read on for the scoop.

News.com.au reports that the newly assigned PM Malcolm Turnbull recently posted a photo on Facebook with the caption: “Good to meet Liam Hemsworth today – talked about the contribution of the creative sector to our economy. But a bit weird he insisted on me calling him Thor.”

The photo was taken at the AFL grand final in Melbourne last Saturday. In an awkward turn of events, Turnbull is actually with older Hemsworth, Chris. Quick to realize the mistake two minutes after, the post was edited from Liam to Chris but since Facebook allows edits to be seen, people can view what was changed in the post.

Liam is the younger of the two and has also appeared in several Hollywood movies, including “The Hunger Games” franchise and “The Last Song”, with ex Miley Cyrus. Chris, on the other hand could perhaps be considered as the bigger Hollywood star and is most particularly known as the star of “Thor”. The Hemsworth brothers have a seven-year age gap and have quite distinctive looks but it seems that Turnbull still got confused between the two A-listers. (via Mail Online)

The mix-up might have come from the detail that both of the Victorian-born stars were included in the audience of the Melbourne Cricket Ground for the Hawthorn and West Coast Eagles match.

The Prime Minister has not yet mentioned anything about the awkward incident but a spokesman from the PM’s office said that three Hemsworth brothers were present at the grand final function. Who is the third Hemsworth? Chris and Liam’s older brother Luke, who by the way is also an actor.

However, PM Turnbull clearly got confused when it came to captioning the posted photo and naming the appropriate and “more famous” Hemsworth brother, in terms of acting credentials.

Photo Source: Facebook/Malcolm Turnbull

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