Coriolanus Film Review

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Coriolanus is from the cannon of Shakespeare, which has not been touched for long time, which could be seen on the screen in the 21st century in a modern genre. The theme of the movie lies on the confrontation between leadership and the population of Rome as the movie starts in the city named as Rome having visuals of recent conflict of Balkan with exhausted soldiers, anguished populace alongwith rolling out satellite mews and the scene was shot on the background of Belgrade. It is a common instance for the movies that made on the traditional background that the modernity come forward some how or the other, whatever be the efforts made in this direction. John Logan, screenwriter of ‘The Aviator’ had could not hold the smartphones to appear on the screen and this absurd presentation caused hilarity and initiated debates on TV.

Fiennes had tried to put relevance in the scenes as presented the General, who is not capable to deal with the political maneuverings in peacetime, is worried to save Rome from the clutches of Aufidius, the General of Gerard Butler, and his assault force Voscian. Though Coriolanus acts with a noble ideology but he is aware of the disrespect of the public towards his aristocratic style. Though this scene has nothing important in it but the director had shot it in such a vivid way to make it significant but no one could notice the emotional importance of the scene.

Fiennes, as a director, had not only successfully pasteurized the modern urban warfare sequences of verite Paul Greengrass but also had the knowledge of presenting the actors in unison or divided at proper incidences. He presented Vanessa Redgrave as an amazing she-wolf of a mother of Coriolanus, Fiennes in a desperately powerful form and Brian Cox in a conniving political role. The movie in itself is a worthwhile attempt on a drama to make it accessible to the film though the realty is known to few of us.

Some of the viewers of Coriolanus had reviewed it as a performance adapted brilliantly as it had many sour but great jokes and lots of sympathies alongwith that much of fierceness. They admired it as an amazing piece of work as they could not close their mouth for a long time.

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