Coronation Street: Tracy to miscarry the twins

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Becky is still trying to clear her name and prove that she did not cause Tracy to miscarry the twins that she was having.  After Danny spots Tracy coming out of the Rovers and tells Becky that he recognised Tracy from the hotel and that he called the ambulance as Tracy was having a miscarriage and Becky now has to get the proof of this to try and convince Steve that he is making a terrible mistake in marrying Tracy and to clear her name and to prove that Tracy had framed her.   Becky asks Gail for help in providing her with the password into the Doctors computer where she hopes she can get access to Tracy’s medical records to confirm the actual date that Tracy lost the babies.  Enlisting the help of her sister Kylie they go to the Doctors surgery where Kylie makes out that she is ill.  Kylie creates a diversion and pretends to faint so that Becky can get into the doctor’s office to get the evidence that she needs once in the Doctor’s office Becky opens up his computer and puts in the password that Gail has given her and prints off Tracys medical records which show the actual date that she had the miscarriage which was not the date that Tracy said Becky pushed her down the stairs.

Coronation Street: Tracy to miscarry the twins

Becky is so upset when Danny tells her over dinner that his Company of hotel Chains are relocating him to Barbados, is Becky about to lose her new man?

Eileen is very upset when Paul tells her that Lesley’s carer is moving away and that he is going to have to spend more time at home with his wife, Eileen being helpful offers to look after Lesley while Paul attends a meeting and finds it not so easy as Lesley goes mad and smashes up her living room breaking the TV. when Jason and Rosie arrive Jason thinks that they have had a break in.

Owen is furious when he finds his fish dead in the pond and that they have been poisoned.  He confronts David and Kylie who tell them that it wasn’t them that killed them.  Later when Anna has to leave for an overnight stay at her brothers Owen decides to do some washing as Faye needs a P.E. kit for school when he notices that there is creosote on the dirty washing, was it Faye that poisoned the fish??

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