Coronation Street episodes: Steve and Tracy’s wedding updates

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Steve and Tracy's wedding updates-coronation-street

Becky is devastated that Steve still does not believe her she begs him to look into her eyes to see that she is being genuine when she confronts him again on the morning of the wedding in telling him that it was not her that caused Tracy to miscarry the babies that she was carrying but of course Steve still does not want to hear this as he believes Tracy and tells Becky that he hates her and wants nothing more to do with her.

Becky has the medical records on Tracy that proves she is innocent and Becky and Kylie decide to gatecrash the wedding turning up at the church, Kylie wonders if this is where she is going to produce the document just when the vicar says “is there anyone knows of any lawful impediment”. To get her revenge at the precise moment the vicar says this Becky stands up to the horror of everyone in the church and apologises as she says she is just straightening her dress.

The reception at the Rovers is going with full swing when as Steve reads out his speech about his new bride Becky hands him an envelope in which Tracy’s medical records are in and tells him that he should read it and his face is a picture in seeing what is in the records that Tracy was lying all along poor Deirdre who is Tracy’s mother is in bits as she knew all along that Tracy was lying.

Becky leaves the pub and gets into a Taxi and makes her way to the Airport to meet Danny where she is going to make a new life for herself with him and his son in Barbados.  Steve dashes to the airport to ask her forgiveness but too little too late as far as she is concerned and he is left dumped, you should have listened to her Stevie Boy!!

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