Cosby Controversy Grows; Former NBC Employee Admits Being a ‘Fixer’

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Cosby Controversy Grows; Former NBC Employee Admits Being a ‘Fixer’
Dr. William H. “Bill” Cosby speaks at Frederick Douglass High School during his visit to the school. Wikimedia Commons/Mr. Scott King

Over the years, numerous women have stepped up and claimed of being drugged and sexually abused by “The Cosby Show” star Bill Cosby, some further claiming to have children with him. And now, a “fixer” who claims to have previously worked under Cosby stands up in light of the numerous reports of rape and sexual abuse against the comedian. Read on for further details.

The 90-year-old Frank Scotti formerly worked as the facilities manager in NBC’s Brooklyn studios in 1984, back in the days when “The Cosby Show” was still shooting there. After years of silence, in a taped interview, Scotti says he “felt sorry for the women” and decides to step up and reveal all the dirty work he has been doing for the comedian.

Armed with copies of receipts for monthly money orders, Scotti admits that Cosby had him sending out money for eight women, including some of the women who have come forward and previously accused Cosby of sexually assaulting them.

Aside from this, Scotti was also asked to arrange meetings with young models and other women, with Cosby claiming that they are to be interviewed for the show. He was even asked to stand guard as the said “interview” was being held.

Unable to stomach his job for Cosby any further, Scotti decided to retire from NBC. Upon telling Cosby of his decision, Cosby merely looked at him and told him to ‘leave right now.”

As Scotti stepped up, Cosby’s attorney, Martin Singer, denied the allegations on Saturday.                    

“What evidence does he have of Mr. Cosby’s involvement? How would Scotti know if a woman was a model or a secretary? It appears that his story is pure speculation so that he can get his 15 minutes of fame,” said Singer to The Daily News.

Since 2000, reports of rape and sexual abuse have been on the rise against Cosby. Evidences for these allegations have yet to be found and investigated further. As a result, TV stations, including NBC and Netflix, with projects for Cosby have pulled out, as did some of his appearances on theater. Despite of all these issues, Cosby continuously denies every accusation.

And that’s the scoop about former NBC employee, Frank Scotti, claiming that he used to be Bill Cosby’s “fixer.” For more celebrity updates, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

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