Cosby making a return to Television

By admin | 4 years ago

Veteran standup comedian and television actor Bill Cosby will return to the small screen this year for just one night.

Comedy Central announced on Friday that the 76-year old Cosby would makes his first television appearance in over 30 years. Comedy Central is televising “Far from Finished” a concert special on November 24 less than a week before Thanksgiving.

Robert Townsend, the talented actor and director will be directing the special, which will include material Cosby, a native of Philadelphia, used in a June performance at the Cerritos Performing Arts Center in California.

In 1983, Cosby appeared in and directed his own film title Bill Cosby, Himself.

However, it could not be considered a standup comedy movie, since the hilarious comedian spent the entire time sitting on a chair on stage giving his funny dialogues to the crowd.

Much of the content of his material will be familiar to those who watched the comedian during the 1980s in his concert film.

In 1984, Cosby also starred in his own sitcom The Cosby Show. In the hugely popular show, Cosby played a doctor whose wife was a lawyer and they had five children.

The series was so popular and successful it was given credit for reviving both sitcoms and the network, which broadcast it, NBC.

Cosby also won three Emmys on the hit show I Spy. In that show, he broke a racial barrier of being the first African American to star on a weekly drama on television.

Cosby was asked why he wanted to star in another comedy special and just answered that funny is funny.

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