The Cosmopolitans Recap: Pilot Episode

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
The Cosmopolitans Recap: Pilot Episode
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Amazon’s third pilot batch has just been released on Thursday, Aug. 29, 2014, and the pilot episodes are ready for viewing. The deal is that everyone can watch the pilot episode for free, and then one can comment and rate it. Based on the customer’s feedback, Amazon will be able to choose which one among their latest pilot seasons will be greenlit to be developed into a series. One of the pilot episodes that came out this morning was “The Cosmopolitans.” Read on to learn more about the pilot episode.

In “Chapter One: The Broken-Hearted,” a young American girl, Aubrey (Carrie MacLemore), whose boyfriend Frederic was subletting his apartment, had her move upstairs in a smaller apartment. Afterwards, she went out for a stroll and headed out to a cafe.

At the cafe, three men discussed the love life of Hal (Jordan Rountree), an American expatriate living in Paris. With him were his friends and fellow expatriates, Jimmy (Adam Brody) and Sandro (Adriano Gianinni). While there, Jimmy noticed that Vicky (Chloe Sevigny), whom they had nicknamed gold coat girl as she was wearing a gold coat when they first met, was around. They were only able to talk briefly. After she left, Sandro made fun of Hal and Jimmy, telling them that all women knew that American men are easy to push around.

Then Hal, who was still feeling out of sorts from the sixteenth or seventeenth time, and his girlfriend Clemence have broken up, narrating to Sandro and Jimmy how he had met her. According to him, he had been waiting for his friend Fritz (Freddy Asbolm), who was late again, at a small restaurant. As Fritz called to say that he would be an hour late, Hal decided to take a walk. Fritz met up with him in a car, and that night, brought him to a party, where he introduced Hal to Clemence, a beautiful divorced woman. However, he is still in love with her and had been waiting for any sign of life or any reply from her.

Aubrey reached the cafe and was going to order a drink when Sandro interfered, suggesting a good wine for her to try. She joined them at their table and related her own story. She had just been in Paris for six weeks. She came with her boyfriend Frederic, a writer, whom she had met in Miami. However, he suddenly had some work in Lyon and would be gone for several months, so he decided to sublet his apartment, giving Aubrey a small room. Hal then received an invite from Fritz to attend one of his parties.

There, Aubrey and Vicky, who turned out to be a fashion journalist, talked while Jimmy tried to impress a beautiful young woman, who turned out be Canadian and not French. Meanwhile, Fritz, who felt responsible for Hal and Clemence’s relationship, tried to distract him from thinking about Clemence. However, as she had asked him to come by her house to talk, he left early. Aubrey was approached by a French man, who invited her to go and see the opera at the Palais Garnier that week. After a while, Aubrey and her Frenchman and Jimmy and the Canadian girl danced the sambo. However, they had to leave early as Sandro, whom Fritz disliked, had invited some drug dealers to the party.

As they walked around the empty evening streets of Paris, Sandro told Jimmy that he was such a whiner and that women do not like that about men. However, Aubrey revealed that she did not mind it and may just be attracted to whiners.

The pilot episode ended with the trio finding a cab to go back home. They sat in silence as the looked out into the city that they have all moved to Paris.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Balajimuthazhagan


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