Countdown Of The Ridiculous Scenes From The Fast And The Furious Franchise

By Eva Artosilla | 2 years ago
Countdown Of The Ridiculous Scenes From The Fast And The Furious Franchise
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After eight successful films, The Fast and the Furious franchise has taken a turn for the ridiculous when it comes to its stunts. From its humble beginnings as a film about car racing, it has become one of the best action films of the 21st century.

From being chased by helicopters to jumping between buildings to outrunning a submarine on the ice, with such absurd scenes, it comes as no surprise that writers are playing with the idea of setting a sequel in space.

CinemaBlend has counted the top scenes that got us off our seats. It’s time to relieve movie history with these memorable moments from the franchise.

The Fast and the Furious

A Rundown Of The Ridiculous Scenes From The Fast And The Furious Franchise

Stealing Gas from a Moving Truck

Most of us get our gas from stations and certainly not from trucks moving at high speed. This scene is the first to greet moviegoers in Fast and Furious. The stunt needed so much skill and dumb luck to pull off.

Little do they know this was the beginning of a franchise that will span eight movies where the laws of physics are often challenged or outright defied. The scene was so thrilling that it was done not once but twice.

Car vs. Boat

Ever try to hit a moving target? Not easy is it? Now try hitting a moving target with a car.  Well, that is why the scene from 2 Fast 2 Furious makes the list.

Vault Chase

Cars undergo rigorous testing to know their breaking point before being put out on the road. No car manufacturer in their right mind would even consider someone dragging a bank vault out using two cars and landing on a cruise with it.

Brian and Dom probably didn’t think the plan through and just went with it in Fast Five. After all, dragging a multi-ton bank vault really does put “muscle” in “muscle car.”

The Bus Flip

By now we probably know that the laws of Physics don’t apply to The Fast and the Furious franchise. This makes this scene, involving a prison bus from Fast Five, absolutely unbelievable and awesome at the same time.

Brian and his family successfully took down a prison bus to save Dom but the plan goes awry after the bus crashed and rolled down the road like a massive rolling pin. Brian was able to survive being squashed by going underneath the bus at the right time.

The Jump From Furious 6

Woman jumps from moving tank, man uses the wall to gain momentum to jump a gap in a freeway, man catches woman flying in midair, both crash into a windshield, and they walk away

Not only does this scene disregard gravity, it also overestimates the limits of the human body. While it is possible to survive such a fall, walking away unscathed is a totally different story.

Furious 7 Skyscraper Car Jump

One of the ridiculous scenes from Furious 7 involves Dom and Brian jumping off a building to successfully land on the adjacent skyscraper. Even if the gravity didn’t cause the car to go on a nose dive, landing exactly on a window is unlikely.

The Fast and the Furious

More Amazing Scenes To Unfold In Furious 9

While this list is still open for discussion, the scenes described here only increases speculations about what Dom and his family will do in Furious 9. With space very much a possibility, how the writers intend to blur the lines between reality and the ridiculous remains to be seen.

Still, given what The Fast and the Furious franchise has done so far, we won’t be surprised to see a Mustang piggyback on a space shuttle.

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