Is The Couple ‘Julia Roberts’ And ‘Danny Moder’ Splitting Up?

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
Is The Couple ‘Julia Roberts’ And ‘Danny Moder’ Splitting Up?
Is Julia Roberts splitting up with Danny Moder?

The famous Hollywood couple Julia Roberts and her partner Danny Moder, who were reported to be together for 13 years, are on the verge of a split up. Allegations about this couple’s split up after Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner portrays as if no relationship in Hollywood can ever stay. Read on for more details.

This couple had fallen for one another when they met on the sets of “The Mexican” in 2001, with Roberts in the main role as an actress and Moder as the cameramen. According to OK! Magazine on Aug. 10 2015, Moder suddenly wanted to get away from the Hollywood actress. The outlet also said that the cinematographer dosen’t feel that there is any true relationship among them. Reports have shown that the reason for the split up can also be their incapability of having a baby. A source of Daily Mail reported that the couple must be tired of non-stop squabble between themselves.

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Besides this, the “Pretty Women” actress is reported to be very responsive and has various mood swings. She can scream at one moment and then be sorry in the other one. She can also trumpet about Moder and can keep pointing to him whenever she gets a chance. It just shows that he cannot make the marriage work anymore after more than half –a dozen years.

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Although Moder, 46 is ready to indemn their wedding, Roberts, 47 is anticipated to have a good share and earn her fortune of $225 million. They have also put their two houses on sale in the market which is a six-bedroom set situated in Hawaii in addition to a West Village, which shows that they possibly are ending up in a mutual settlement. Custody bargaining for Hazel Patricia, Phinnaeus Walter, and Henry Bummer, their three children is still to be worked upon so as to make sure who gets to live with the children.

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