Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid spotted enjoying their second night out!

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Courteney Cox and her new beau Johnny McDaid just can’t seem to keep themselves indoors as they were spotted going out together on their second date. The couple went out for a bite to eat as they arrived at the very popular West Hollywood restaurant, Craig’s on Thursday.

As the couple sported all smiles and happiness, it wouldn’t take a high end facial recognition software to determine that Cox and McDaid could really pass for siblings as both of their big smiles delivered to us the fact that they have very similar facial features.

Johnny McDaid and Courtney Cox
Wearing a cropped blazer jacket and skinny jeans, the actress was in high spirits as she headed into Craig’s with Johnny – who played passenger on the night while she drove them into the restaurant parking area.

The 49-year-old Courteney completed an understated look with a pair of black leather ankle boots and matching handbag, while her hair remained parted in two uncomplicated curtains that hung below her shoulders.

Meanwhile, the 37-year-old Johnny wore a long, black and white bandana around his throat and the same smooth, glossy sheen as his girlfriend.

Source: Daily Mail

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