Courteney Cox Says No Reunion of the ‘Friends’ on TV

By Mradula Mahajan | 3 years ago
Courteney Cox Says No Reunion of the ‘Friends’ on TV

The Alabama-born beauty Courtney Cox, who was popularly known for her role of Monica for “Friends,” has clearly said that there is not going to be any reunion of the cast of the well-loved TV series  and so, movie is not even in question. Read on.

It’s been eleven years of “Friends’ and not a day old it has gotten. The famous show aired from 1994 till 2004 and has won hearts of millions. The NBC sitcom has left fans to keep expecting more of the six characters of the show. With 10 seasons containing 236 episodes in total, “Friends” had exceptional viewership and had bagged many awards during its air seasons.

In an exclusive interview with Yahoo!, Cox has asked fans to not keep their hopes up so high. It’s better to not keep hopes at all as no reunion is going to happen and there is going to be movie. She seemed to have blamed David Schwimmer for it, who played the character of Ross in the series. “I’m not going to name names, but it may not be [David] Schwimmer.”

Last year, fans had undying hope that “Friends” movie is under production and will be released on the 10th anniversary of the show. But, there came no movie not even a reunion to mark the 10th anniversary.

The cast has not been together onscreen, since the show went off air in the year 2004. Although, Mathew Perry, who played as Chandler, as been seen together with co-star Matt le Blanc, who was known for his role as Joey, in several occasions. Cox’s female co-star Jennifer Aniston, who plays as Rachel on the show, was seen attending the premiere of Cox’s directorial debut, “Just Before I Go.”

David Schwimmer, who plays as Ross, has mostly kept out of lime light since the show went off. He had been busy keeping a career in direction for himself.

The “flakey” cast members has sure broken many hearts. The reunion of this cast is the most awaited. We hope soon someone will make these guys hear to their own TV show title track and ask them to be ‘there for each other.’

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