Courteney Cox’s heart still free

By admin | 7 years ago

courteney cox

In a recent interview with radio broadcaster Howard Stein, she outlined that the separation from her husband was the result of different compatibilities. For the moment, Cox outlined, she is “anxious” to meet someone else and that no one asked her out for recently. “I’ve not had a man since David. I’ve made out with one guy,” she was quoted by the media.

Meanwhile, she is spending a lot of time with her daughter, Coco, the paparazzi surprising the two of them recently doing some girls ‘shopping at Splendid, a famous shop in Santa Monica. The mother and Coco continued their day together with some frozen yogurt tasting and long walks. Courteney doled out some of her style sense as she purchased clothes for the little one.

On the other hand, Courteney Cox’s career is going straightforward. She is extensively using social media to get more fans and audience from all over the world. Her presence in “Friends” and “Cougar Town” are watched by viewers from all over the world. She successfully launched on Twitter a recent giveaway offer of 50 bottles of wine for the first followers that would like to watch her show “Cougar Town”, scheduled for Valentine’s Day. In less than 3 minutes she got more than 600 replies and her Gmail account almost crashed due to it.

The high rate of response sent her, and her producers, a good message for continuing the show which is very popular not only in the US, but also in Europe. Cox may not be very happy with her love life lately, but maybe it is a good time to improve her professional career.

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