Courtney Love on ‘Revenge’

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Courtney Love on ‘Revenge’
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She’s a famous rockstar and totally different from the people of the Hamptons, but this rockstar is sure to rub shoulders with the elite on “Revenge.” Who am I talking about?

Courney Love has been cast in a recurring role in ABC’s “Revenge.” Her role description is a “jetsetter” who exists because of Margaux. She will play the role of White Cold who is connected to Margaux. The star is eager to make a Hollywood comeback and what better way to show off your acting skills but in the hit drama series “Revenge” right?

Love has also guest starred in Fox’s music drama “Empire” as Elle Dallas.

“It’s a new dawn. I’m 50 and this is a second shot at acting in general, and I’m so blessed. I love Lee Daniels so much for giving me this part and letting me come back to something that’s juicy and really exciting,” she said.

Love even admitted that she grew bored with music a few years back while she was on tour and during that time, Daniels contacted her offering her the part. It was perfect timing back then and now she’s here!

In fact, we already have seen her performance in “Revenge” during its March 29, 2015 episode and she was amazing. It was nice to see her acting again and needless to say, it’s totally a break from all that head-banging, jumping up and down moves that she used to make on stage but we’re not complaining, though, because she’s an amazing rockstar too! How about you “Revenge” fans? How did you like Love’s acting on “Revenge?” Let us know by posting your comments below!

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