Cousin of Deceased Criticizes Sylvester Stallone

By admin | 6 years ago

Edd Filiti the second cousin of Sage Stallone is reported to have lashed out on his Facebook at his uncle Sylvester Stallone for not staying in contact with Sage Stallone his son. In a series of different messages that were posted on the social networking site and then taken down, Filiti said that Sage had called his dad earlier in the month. The call was to wish him a happy birthday, but Filiti said that Sage never got a return call from Sylvester Stallone.

Filiti reportedly sent a message on Facebook that said, “What did Sage do wrong, say happy birthday to his dad?” Neither Jennifer Flavin (Stallone’s wife) nor he could call Sage back, which is all Sage was looking for, his dad. I know you are not concerned with what happened, you will once you are under the magnifying class of public opinion.”

Filiti is the son of ToniAnn, a half-sister of Stallone. In 1997, Jennifer Flavin married Stallone, tens year following Stallone’s divorce from Sacha Czack, Sage’s mother.

Filiti’s words were not kind for Flavin either. He wrote, “Flavin you have won. You tore the family apart and now have your trophy, congratulations.” Filiti said that Flavin had told Stallone’s family that she was now his family and he did not need them anymore.

These reports of discord in the family come as arrangements are planned for the funeral for Sage. He was 36, when his housekeeper found his lifeless body at his home. Stallone will bury his son in Los Angeles at St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church.

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