Covert Affairs Recap: Brink of the Clouds

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Covert Affairs Recap: Brink of the Clouds
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“Covert Affairs” Season 5 Episode 7  “Brink of the Clouds”  aired on Tuesday, Aug. 5, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on USA Network.  In this episode, CIA Agent Annie Walker (Piper Perabo) headed to Azerbaijan in order to locate and capture rogue CIA agent Nathan Mueller, whom the CIA has now made their prime suspect in the Chicago bombing case. This was based on the intelligence that DPD head Joan Campbell (Kari Matchett) secured from their prisoner, ex-KGB turned banker Ivan Kravic, who claimed to be working for a known terrorist named Farouq Tabrizi, the alias of Mueller. Continue reading to learn more about this episode.

Annie wasn’t alone. The CEO of McQuaid Securities, Ryan McQuaid (Nic Bishop), and his four-man team joined Annie as her back up. Meanwhile, CIA tech genius Auggie Anderson’s (Christopher Gorham) relationships exploded as he tried to protect his current girlfriend and FBI fugitive Natasha Petrovna (Liane Balaban) while he continued dating NCTC Investigator Hayley Price (Amy Jo Johnson), in an effort to protect his partner Annie, whom Hayley was investigating on.

CIA Agent Annie Walker, who has a serious heart condition, which she hid from the CIA, picked up her medicine from a shady-looking pharmacy. Afterwards, her boss, DPD head Joan Campbell, told her to report to Langley as Annie’s target, ex-KGB turned banker Ivan Kravic, who had funded the Chicago bombing, had spilled the beans during the interrogation.

Meanwhile, her partner, Auggie, went on a date with NCTC investigator Hayley Price in order to find out how much she knew about the months that Annie went missing. She revealed that she knew that Annie has a medical condition but agreed to tell Auggie anything that turned up in her investigation before reporting it to her boss. However, all was not well with Auggie and Natasha Petrovna’s relationship as he discovered that against his wishes, she went out and bought some groceries, as she was frustrated at being house bound for so long. However, Auggie was called to work, leaving their arguments up in the air.

At Langley, it was revealed that Kravic was working for Farouq Tabrizi, the head of a Middle Eastern terrorist cell, who was responsible for previous bombings in Doha, Beirut and Tehran. It was then discovered that Tabrizi is the alias of Nathan Mueller, a rogue CIA Agent who worked with Auggie in 2005 during some paramilitary exercises. Calder Michaels (Hill Haper) then revealed that Kravic, as per instruction, drained his bank account and transferred the money to prepaid cash cards, which were to be handed to Mueller in Azerbaijan by the Russian fellow Annie caught Kravic was talking to in the Russian embassy. As Annie got ready for the mission, Joan informed her that Ryan McQuaid’s security firm would provide back up for her — a four-man team which Ryan himself decided to lead.

At Azerbaijan, Annie gained an audience with the leader of a local gang in order to discover if anyone had seen a Russian in the area. The leader, Hassad, informed the group that he had confiscated the prepaid cash cards on the Russian and had killed him. However, after he learned that Annie and Ryan were there to stop Farouq Tabrizi, as Mueller was known in those parts, he stepped out of their way and sent one of his men as their guide to find the valley where Farouq Tabrizi was rumored to be staying — the Blue Valley.

After Annie and her team arrived at the vast Blue Valley, she utilized her knowledge of different languages and deduced that one of the terms Hassad used when he talked about the Blue Valley was also a term used for  “sky”. They then decided to trek up the mountain in order to locate Mueller’s camp.

Meanwhile, back inside the agency, Joan was informed by her assistant that a Russian diplomat had been recently arrested, accompanied by a call girl — the very same call girl that Calder had been seeing. Calder, on hearing the news, told Joan that he was over the call girl, but he ended up pulling some strings in order to get her, Sydney (Nanzeen Contractor), out of police custody. As he picked her up, he became worried that she wasn’t being discreet enough. Finally, he decided that he had had enough and ended the relationship, while Sydney warned him never to call her again. Joan, in the meantime, had dropped by Calder’s office, only to be informed that he was out on urgent business.

Auggie, in order to figure out why Mueller had ended up as a terrorist, met up with a former CIA agent and friend who was also close to Mueller.

While he was an active operative, Mueller was impressive in the field, especially in the Middle East, where he was assigned. However, while he was deep undercover in Azerbaijan, he had suddenly cut off ties with his handlers. Around that time, Farouq Tabrizi started appearing on the CIA’s radar. Auggie learned that a year before Mueller went rogue, his wife had left him. However, Mueller had never informed the agency about the matter in order not to get pulled off the field.

Hayley informed Auggie that she knows what Annie’s heart condition is. However, Auggie successfully persuaded her to look the other way for now, as Annie is helping to discover who the mastermind behind the bombings, which Hayley is also investigating on.

Annie, Ryan and the team spotted a scout going up the mountain. In a bid to discover the camp’s location, Annie attacked the scout, which resulted in a struggle. In the process, the scout died, and Annie’s heart condition was triggered. Panting, she tried to find one of her vials in order to inject herself to alleviate her condition. However, the medicine packs were crushed in the fight, and Ryan had to inject her himself. He then revealed that he had been researching her condition ever since he found it out in Venezuela.

Annie called Langley, as they had discovered the camp. However, there would be no more time to extract Mueller, as it seemed like they were packing up camp. Calder ordered a drone strike, which would annihilate the camp in thirty minutes. However, Annie and her team were discovered by Mueller’s men.

Annie tried to reason with Mueller to let her call Langley, as they only had a few minutes left before the missile strikes the camp. However, Mueller refused and forced them to read a statement in front of a video camera, admitting that the American government sanctions CIA missions, which he calls terrorist attacks. However, he changed his mind as the group heard the drone zeroing in on them, which allowed Ryan, Annie and the rest of the team to barely make it out alive. Annie informed Langley that Mueller was dead, as they had to leave him in their escape. However, she was able to grab his notebook, laptop and camera.

Joan confronted Calder afterwards and informed him that his momentary disappearance earlier proved to her that his personal life was affecting his work. Natasha confronted Auggie and asked him to run away with her for the second time. However, Auggie claimed that the situation unfolding was complicated, and he couldn’t abandon things, especially as Annie’s secret was in danger of being exposed. Before Natasha left him, she kissed him, which was witnessed by Hayley who spotted them from the other sidewalk. Devastated, she threw away the breakfast that she had bought for them to eat.

Alone in his apartment, Auggie received a call from former CIA colleague Roger Bateman, who informed him that there were many things that he did not know about Mueller and that the investigation on the Chicago bombings wasn’t over yet.

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