Covert Affairs Recap: Grounded

By Kitin Miranda | 4 years ago
Covert Affairs Recap: Grounded
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“Covert Affairs” Season 5 Episode 8 “Grounded” aired on Tuesday, Aug. 12, 2014, at 10:00 PM on USA Network. Just when the Covert Affairs team thought that they had it all planned, things are never what they seem to be after the team’s discovery. Read on to learn more about the Movie News Guide’s (MNG) recap of Episode 8 “Grounded.”

In this episode, Domestic Protection Division head Joan Campbell (Kari Matchett) and the Department of Clandestine Services head Calder Michaels (Hill Harper) got into a political bidding war to save and protect their jobs. On the other hand, CIA Agent Annie Walker’s (Piper Perabo) job as they are brought in for an inquest in front of the Department of National Intelligence. 

CIA genius technician and Annie’s handler Auggie Anderson’s (Christopher Gorham) relationships blew up right in front of his face as he tried to protect Annie’s secret- her heart condition. Unfortunately, he secret leaked out and changed Annie’s game plan.

However, the Chicago bombing case is not over yet. Annie and Auggie learned from former CIA Roger Bennet that they had  just issued a drone strike on the wrong man, and he is working to uncover the truth. Read on to learn more about the episode.

As Calder jogged, he was being tailed by Hayley Price (Amy Jo Johnson).who confronted him about Annie’s secret. Annie, in the meantime, was on her way home from her mission in Azerbaijan inside Ryan McQuaid’s (Nic Bishop) private jet.

During the plane ride, the two shared a warm bonding moment as they revealed to each other that they both couldn’t get any rest on the plane. Annie, tired as she was, managed to smile as she was amused at Ryan’s term for them both- “sharks” who are always swimming in the water.

Annie met up with Auggie who had been trying to call her eight times. According to him, the first four calls were about her. He  revealed that Hayley knew about her heart condition, and that it wouldn’t be long before the secret got out. The remaining four calls had to do with former CIA Roger Bennet, an expert at black market intelligence. Bennet was the one who supplied them their intelligence regarding The Postman. Roger had been let go by the CIA years ago as he had a mental illness.

Inside, Roger revealed that the current mission has helped him regain focus, and told them that Langley had ordered a drone strike on the wrong man. Rogue ex-CIA Agent Nathan Mueller was not responsible for the Chicago bombing.

As they took in the information he had posted on his white board, he handed the pair a file that stated that a Spanish intelligence group had captured Ivan Kravec several years ago due to some bombings, and he had confessed and had given up some names, just like he did when Joan interrogated him. However, the Spanish intelligence later learned that they were fed with lies. It was possible that Ivan Kravec had played them as well this time. Roger then vowed to make things right and get to the bottom of things.

Back at the agency, Annie was called in by Calder and Joan who confronted her regarding her heart condition. After she is told that she would be assigned a desk job as a language officer in the DPD, she got upset immediately. She stated that she felt that it was unfair for them to stick her behind a desk because of her illness, as she does excellent work in the field.

However, Joan told her that they were upset about the matter, especially since she hid it from agency, but they reassigned her so that they wouldn’t lose her as an officer. Calder also mentioned that it could be dangerous, especially as out in the field, other people’s lives are at stake. Outside, Auggie reassured her that she could still do valuable work behind a desk, and told encouraged her to keep on following Roger’s lead, just as long as she was careful about it.

Later, Joan confronted Auggie, as she knew that Auggie had been helping Annie keep her heart condition a secret. Auggie  stuck by every decision he had made regarding the matter.

Legal Counsel paid Calder and Joan a visit as he prepared them for their inquest with the Department of National Intelligence, regarding the drone strike on Mueller, as Annie, Calder and Joan are know questionable and under scrutiny. Joan then requested Annie to create a timeline of her movements since the Chicago bombing. Before leaving Annie to her new desk job, Joan reassured her that her work in the field was exceptional.

However, Annie got a mysterious phone call from Roger, who told her that he had reliable information from someone deep in the Russian embassy, internal FSB files on Borz Altan connecting him to the true perpetrator of the bombing. The only catch was that his source needed $100,000 in payment to give up the information.

Annie and Auggie met to discuss the situation, as Annie’s new assignment would now make it difficult to appropriate the needed money in time, a fact that she neglected to tell Roger. As they knew that the agency would not lend her the money, she turned to Ryan. She laid the cards down on the table, and he agreed to lend her the money. However, Caitlyn Cook (Perrey Reeves), his number two, was highly suspicious, and later on warned Ryan, saying that she hoped it was him “running” Annie and not the other way around.

Annie got the needed cash to Roger, however, he had another break down as he accused a dog walker who happened to be on the same floor as them at that particular time, of following him. Roger begged Annie to ask the agency to let him have a second chance, to which Annie, who sympathizes with his mental condition due to her own medical condition, agreed to.

That night, at the bar where Auggie and Hayley first met, he confronted her about not informing him about Annie’s condition first. However, Hayley defended herself, as she believed she was just doing her job. She realized then that Auggie had called her there to break up with her, but doesn’t let him do so, as she just walked away from him.

The next day, Joan reminded Annie about their meeting with the DNI, but she couldn’t understand why Annie hadn’t prepared the timeline yet. At the DNI’s office, Calder and Joan stepped in first before Annie. While waiting, she received an urgent phone call from Roger that Annie should help him. He also mentioned that he knew who was behind the Chicago bombing, and that they had to meet at a train station in Brunswick at 5:10 p.m.  In the end, she decided to leave Joan, Calder, and the DNI hanging as she left to meet Roger.

She asked help once again from Ryan, who generously picked her up in his private helicopter. On the ride there, Auggie reminded Annie that her actions would cause her to be suspended, if Roger’s information was not good. Meanwhile, Joan, who had been trying to contact Annie, called Auggie, and asked about Annie’s whereabouts and her current operation, as Caitlyn Cook had called asking about an operation that Annie and Ryan were working on together.

They got to the train station, but despite their best efforts, could not locate Roger. However, they found Roger lying on the ground, after he was hit by a car, which proved to be fatal. Surrounding him were papers outlining conspiracy theories, which had fallen out from his briefcase.

Back at Langley, Joan confronted Annie about her actions, and asked why she didn’t ask for her help from the very beginning, as Joan would have helped her out. She also revealed that as Annie did not show up, Calder was brought in for more questioning, as he might lose his job. However, it is shown later that he was somehow able to manage not getting fired, for now. Even though Joan now knew the truth, thanks to Auggie, about what they were up to, it was too late, especially as Roger’s papers were all conspiracy theories. Joan then suspended Annie, effective immediately.

At home, Joan was visibly upset, as she confided to her husband, Arthur Campbell (Peter Gallagher), that she was disturbed on how quickly the agency turned on its own when the agency didn’t agree with an operative’s choices. Arthur mentioned that she was concerned that her own secret, which happened a long time ago in the Balkans, would come out. He reassured her and reminded her that now, they have each other.

Annie, reeling from the day’s events, dropped by Ryan’s house in order to blow off some steam. Together, they stayed up all night, just talking and drinking. Now, Annie realized that for the first time, she could go anywhere she wanted, and do whatever she wanted, something that her old friend and Mossad agent Eyal  Lavin (Oded Fehr) had been wanting her to realize and act on. They shared a tender moment with each other as they briefly kissed, but they were interrupted by someone at the door.

While Ryan went outside to take care of things, Annie received a call from Auggie. Auggie, who knew Roger well, told Annie that he thinks that Roger was framed, as Roger was too smart to buy into conspiracy theories. As Annie looked up for a second, she saw Ryan talking to the dog walker they had seen in Roger’s apartment, the very same dog walker who Roger was accusing of following him.

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