Covert Affairs Recap: Sensitive Euro Man

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Covert Affairs Recap: Sensitive Euro Man
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“Covert Affairs” Season 5 Episode 10 “Sensitive Euro Man” aired on Tuesday, Aug. 26, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on USA Network. In this episode, former CIA Agent Annie Walker (Piper Perabo) helped CEO Ryan McQuaid (Nic Bishop) to find the truth behind the Chicago bombings and tried to stop the culprits from striking again. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode opened with the CEO of McQuaid Security, wanted man Ryan McQuaid (Nic Bishop), entering his own home. As the CIA tore the company inside and out, including hardware and software, Ryan was able to obtain several different passports in order to be able to start anew somewhere else, just in case.

At McQuaid Security, former CIA Agent Annie Walker (Piper Perabo) and former CIA Arthur Campbell (Peter Gallagher) talked briefly. From their conversation, Annie learned that Ryan’s number two, Caitlyn Cook (Perrey Reeves), had allowed the CIA full reign of the company so that the entire investigation would be kept low.

While retrieving Caitlyn’s laptop at her office for CIA Analyst Eric Barber, Annie noticed a black box hidden in one of Caitlyn’s drawers, marked with a label that read asset. Annie also found out that Caitlyn did not know where Ryan’s personal computer was. She also received a vase of beautiful flowers, with a note from Ryan asking her to meet up at the National Arboretum.

Back at Langley, all the government agencies were on board the McQuaid investigation, and Hayley Price (Amy Jo Johnson) from the National Counterterrorism Center, and Auggie’s ex-girlfriend, joined Auggie in order to help out in the investigation. The pair did not get along during the investigation, especially as Hayley was still investigating Annie, whose phone had been located near the National Arboretum but then disappeared without a trace.

Back at Langley, Director of Clandestine Services Head Calder Michaels (Hill Harper) asked the help of the head of the Domestic Protection Division Joan Campbell (Kari Matchett) to get in touch with the Russian Embassy. However, she was stood up when she tried to meet with a friend of hers that works in the cultural attache group.

Back at McQuaid Security, Auggie’s friend Tony, Arthur and Caitlyn met to discuss the ongoing project of the company. They were the Private Military Company hired to provide security for the signing of a treaty the very next day. However, due to the recent events, it looked like they were not going to be using them anymore. However, Georgian diplomat  Aleksandre Balenko (Shawn Doyle), who wrote the treaty, stepped in and told Tony that they would still be using McQuaid Security.

At the Arboretum, Annie met Ryan, who immediately destroyed her phone. They both shared their suspicions that the entire thing was a set up, and that they believed that Caitlyn Cook was the one who set Ryan up, as she was the one with the most access to Ryan’s plans and computer.

Later on, Caitlyn set up to meet with Ryan, which Annie watched over with a sniper rifle from the balcony. During the meeting, Caitlyn reassured Ryan that she was doing everything to help him and handed him his laptop. However, Ryan deduced that Caitlyn was lying. After dismantling the keyboard of the laptop, they found a GPS device which would activate once Ryan opened up his laptop. Frustrated, Ryan returned home with Annie and showed her his panic room — complete with a security surveillance system and guns. Pent up with frustration and worry, Annie reassured Ryan that she was on his side. The two then shared a passionate kiss, which led to a tryst in the bedroom.

Afterwards, Ryan turned on his laptop in order to alert Caitlyn of his whereabouts and to lure her in. Later on, they were attacked by three men, who had some Semtex, pottasium chloride and blueprints for the Beaumont Hotel on them. Annie, who realized that Caitlyn was going to bomb the hotel where the treaty was going to be signed, alerted Auggie, who was upset at her not telling him that she was with Ryan.

A bellboy knocked on a hotel room at the Beaumont and informed Caitlyn that everyone was being evacuated out of the building. However, her companion, Georgian diplomat  Aleksandre Balenko,  reassured her that their plan was still in play. Moments later, even with everyone out of the building, no bomb went off as it was a false alarm. Afterwards, Arthur helped out in organizing the motorcade that would escort them to a different area where they could sign the treaty.

Meanwhile, Hayley went to the Arboretum to investigate and learned that Annie and Ryan were there together. She placed a warrant out. However, she did not get one thanks to Auggie’s friend in the Bureau. However, she was able to locate Annie who warned her that there was a bomb in one of the cars in the motorcade, as she had just discovered it as she looked at the blueprints that were planted on Ryan. Ryan, in the meantime, decided to confront Caitlyn. He followed her into a ladies room, where she shot him and left him bleeding on the floor.

Thanks to Annie, Hayley and Arthur, major casualties were avoided as the diplomats and guests were evacuated out of their cars quickly. Desperately, Caitlyn detonated the bomb, which was placed under Arthur’s car and ran, leaving Belenko behind. Belenko, in retaliation, pointed Annie the way to a tunnel where they fought. During their struggle, Belenko arrived and shot Caitlyn in the chest, who fell, but not after whispering his name, leading Annie to conclude that they were working together.

Annie was tempted to go and confront Balenko, but as he was a diplomat, he was instead bundled off in an airplane to his native country. Meanwhile, Annie found out that Ryan had been shot and rushed to the hospital where he was recovering.

Back at Langley, Joan revealed to Calder that she had no luck at the Russian Embassy, as they seemed to be on lockdown because of the stolen intelligence files, which most probably had something to do with the missing files on Borz Altan, which Annie’s and Auggie’s informant, former CIA Agent Roger Bennet had on him before he died. The two decide to look into the matter further, and Calder recruits Sydney (Nanzeen Contractor), the call girl he was seeing for help, as she was recently arrested with a Russian diplomat.

Meanwhile, Balenko, before leaving for Georgia, called a colleague on his phone and informed them that their plan was still pushing through, even without Caitlyn in the picture. He also said that he needed his colleague to be in Istanbul as soon as possible. He also mentioned that they had missed the target during the motorcade bombing and that their timeline had to be accelerated.

What do you think of this episode? What will happen to Annie now? Who do you think Belenko was talking to? What are they planning to do? Will Ryan survive?  Let us know by posting your comments below.

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“Covert Affairs” Season 5 returns this Fall on USA Network.

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