Covert Affairs Recap: Trigger Cut

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Covert Affairs Recap: Trigger Cut
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“Covert Affairs” Season 5 Episode 11 “Trigger Cut” aired last Thursday, Nov. 6, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on USA Network. In this episode, ex-CIA agent Annie Walker (Piper Perabo) went to Istanbul to track down Aleksandre Belenko (Shawn Doyle). Meanwhile, back in Washington DC, Calder Michaels (Harper Hill) and Joan Campbell (Kari Matchett) made use of Sydney (Nazneen Contractor) in order to get information from a Russian that she was dating that was connected with the FSB.  Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode opened with ex-CIA Annie Walker having a dream as she slept in Ryan McQuaid’s hospital room. In her dream, she returned from the break room to find that Ryan had fully recovered from the gunshot wound he had sustained after his second in command, Caitlyn Cook (Perrey Reeves), shot him, as she had been in league with Russian diplomat Aleksandre Belenko (Shawn Doyle) who had tried to sabotage the signing of an important treaty with Russia. There, he asked what Annie was going to do with the rest of her life and told her that he loved her. Annie then woke up to the sound of a machine beeping, but the nurse reassured her that there was nothing to worry about.

Meanwhile, Calder Michaels (Harper Hill) paid a visit to Sydney (Nazneen Contractor), a call girl that he used to see, as one of her Russian clients was connected to the FSB. He then requested to call her by her real name, Stephanie, and assured her that they were willing to pay her for her services in order to get some information from her Russian client, whose name was Mashkov.

While Calder met Sydney, Auggie Anderson (Christopher Gorham) met up with Tony Salgado (Rossif Sutherland), a friend of his who worked at the State Department, to see how Belenko could be brought to justice. However, Tony could not risk putting his career on the line based on Annie and Auggie’s information alone, as he needed more solid proof and evidence so that he could bring it to the higher ups. Aside from that, there was nothing he could do, as Belenko was untouchable as he was a diplomat.

Back at the hospital, Arthur Campbell (Peter Gallagher), who was currently running McQuaid Securities while Ryan was recuperating, showed Annie the private calendar of Caitlyn Cook. In it, they discovered that she was supposed to meet up with someone code named Q the following day in Istanbul. Because of this, she decided to go to Istanbul to see what was going to happen. Before she left, she gave her contact information to the nurse in charge of Ryan just in case there were any updates in his condition and made a deal with a sleeping Ryan — she would hunt down Belenko, and he had to be back on his feet by the time she got back.

At Istanbul, Annie noticed a curly haired blonde man wearing a suit and a briefcase whom Arthur, back in Washington DC, identified as an ex-FSB agent named Krazny. He met up with a Syrian whom Arthur identified as Mahmoud Qabbani, an arms dealer who was on Mossad’s hitlist as he was one of those responsible for the bombings that happened in Tel Aviv a month ago. They also realized that he was the Q that Caitlyn had been referring to in her calendar. During the meeting, Qabbani had raised the price of what he was selling to Krazny and had given him three duffel bags, which Krazny placed in his trunk. After the two parted ways, Arthur ordered Annie to stick to Qabbani, even if she wanted to follow Krazny to find out what Belenko was buying from Qabbani. Luckily, she was able to get a partial license plate for Arthur to run.

Meanwhile, at the CIA, Auggie informed Joan that Belenko was untouchable. Joan then gave him some intel from Arthur, who had asked Auggie to take a look at it, as Annie was on her own in Istanbul. Afterwards, Calder informed Joan that Sydney had agreed to help them out. Calder then told Joan that he intended to use Sydney to “work” the Russian client, Mashkov, in order to get more intel, as they knew that someone aside from them had already known about the bombing before they did and so that they would be able to get a concrete link that would link Belenko to the Chicago bombings.

Meanwhile, back in Istanbul, Arthur informed Annie that Auggie had no luck with the partial license plate. She then followed Qabbani to some baths, where she forced him, at gunpoint, to call Krazny and to tell him that the deal was still on so that she could get to the duffel bags in the trunk. However, before any of them could take another step, Mossad Agent Eyal Lanvin (Oded Fehr) shot Qabbani dead. He then got Annie to escape with him, as the place would now be surrounded by police cars.

Annie then told Eyal that Qabbani was going to serve Belenko on a plate for her. This piece of information surprised Eyal but told her that he needed to kill Qabbani because of the bombings at Tel Aviv. He also found it interesting that they were both there at the same time and attributed their chance meeting as kismet. However, as Annie decided to stay in order to get Belenko, Eyal told his teammates to back home ahead of him.

At the baths, there was no sign of the car that she was after. She then told Eyal that Qabbani was making a sale and asked a lot of questions, which surprised Eyal. She then informed him that she did not work for the CIA anymore as they had found about her heart condition and asked him to bring to where Qabbani had been staying.

Back in Washington DC, Calder prepared Sydney for her date with Maskov. He instructed her to find a way to put their cell phones together so that they would hotsync. Once this happened, they would be able to get information from his phone. Unfortunately, Calder had to listen to the entire date, but even though she was nervous, Sydney was able to hotsync the phone for them. Later, Sydney insisted on not getting paid for her help and agreed to keep dating Mashkov in order to keep him close. She also insisted that Calder be her handler and that he call her by her real name — Stephanie.

 Auggie was surprised when Tony, who had been reluctant to divulge any information about Balenko, called him up. As Auggie had told him that Balenko had caused the Chicago bombings, which had happened under his watch and because it had killed a good friend of theirs, he decided to tell Auggie some information that he had just learned about Belenko.

In Istanbul, Annie and Eyal were able to find the car that Krazny had been driving. However, the duffel bags were not anymore in the trunk of the car. They then searched the house where Qabbani had been staying, where Annie found a dead man in the balcony. As she called out to Eyal, a woman (Lynn Collins)  hit Eyal and ran across the rooftops, with Annie and Eyal in hot pursuit. However, they lost her after she jumped off a roof to the safety of the streets below.

After Annie gave herself some medication, she received a call from the hospital Ryan was in. The nurse informed her that Ryan had been rushed to surgery, as he had developed a pulmonary embolism as a result of complications due to a gunshot wound. She then told Eyal that she was after Belenko as he had caused her friend to be in the hospital. Afterwards, she received a surprise call from Auggie, who told her that Belenko was in Istanbul at that very moment, as he was attending an Energy Summit there. Before he hung up, he reminded her to be careful.  

While staking out the venue of the Energy Summit, Eyal reassured her that running down leads to bring the cause of her friend’s injuries was how she showed that she cared for that person a lot. After all, actions are better than words. However, their conversation was interrupted by the hotel concierge, who told Annie that Belenko wanted to talk to her. Despite Eyal’s warnings, she left her gun with him, as she was sure that he would not try anything during a summit at a hotel.

Inside, Belenko told Annie that he was now responsible for her life, as he had saved it back in Washington DC. He then told her that he had found out a lot about her thanks to the FSB, and Annie told him that she knew that he was behind the bombings in Chicago and in Washington DC, and she knew that he had given Caitlyn a wedding ring, which she gave to Annie before she died. As his two men grabbed her arms to escort her out, she was able to catch a glimpse of the duffel bags being loaded into a black SUV. When asked, Belenko told her that the bags contained diplomatic pouches. Thankfully, Eyal was waiting for her in one of the back corridors, where they both knocked out her escorts.

She was able to catch up to the black SUV but discovered that the duffel bags were not there, as they were switched while Annie was not looking. She also told Eyal that she had discovered that Belenko had an odd tremor in his hand. Before they parted ways, Eyal told her that he always looked forward to meeting her on the field and that if she really cared for her friend, Eyal encouraged her to tell him how she felt about him as words are also important. He then cited the fact that his ex-wife, who was back together with him, had wanted to reconcile for years and that they were only able to after she had told him so. Annie then hugged her friend and told him that she was happy for him.  

The next day, Auggie was surprised when a very drunk Tony called him up at 5:30 a.m., especially as Tony was part of Alcoholics Anonymous. He then told Auggie that he had been fired as he had confessed to supplying information outside of the State Department, as Belenko had complained that he had been harassed by Annie in Istanbul. Auggie then decided to rush to his apartment.

Annie was shocked to find that Ryan was up and talking. She then told him that they had made a deal the day before and that she had failed to keep her end of the bargain. She then decided to get some coffee in the break room, while he rested some more, as he was still recovering from the surgery.

As she came back from the break room, she was surprised to see Auggie there. He told her that Tony died and that he did not believe that the cause of his death was alcohol poisoning.

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