‘Covert Affairs’ Showrunners Join the ‘Containment’ Team

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
‘Covert Affairs’ Showrunners Join the ‘Containment’ Team
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“Covert Affairs” may be done as of the moment, but it looks like it’s showrunners, Matt Corman and Chris Ord, according to an exclusive report on Deadline, are keeping busy as they are now co-showrunners for an upcoming series which will be airing this coming midseason on the CW. Read on to learn what show these two showrunners will be on!

According to an exclusive report on Deadline, “Covert Affairs” showrunners Matt Corman and Chris Ord will be keeping busy, as they are now co-showrunners beside Julie Plec for the midseason CW series entitled “Containment,” which features a different kind of story from what they used to do on “Covert Affairs,” which they handled for five seasons, or five years.

This time, they will be handling an apocalyptic, dystopian show with elements of a virus outbreak in it.

According to the series description on Spoiler TV, “Containment,” formerly “Cordon,” centers around the city of Atlanta, where a deadly viral epidemic breaks out.

Because of this, the government orders that the entire exposed area be quarantined, cordoned off, or contained, in order to minimize the risk of exposure to others, while the government and the CDC desperately race against time to search for a cure, led by Dr. Sabine Lommers (Claudia Black). She then enlists the help of Major Lex Carnahan (David Gyasi) in order to maintain peace within the quarantined area, and to become the “face of the people”. However, Lex is also conflicted as his best friend, fellow officer Jake (Chris Wood) is trapped inside alongside Lex’s girlfriend, Jana (Christina Marie Moses). Jake later on befriends Katie Frank (Kristen Gutoskie) a school teacher who had brought a class of small children, including her young son for a tour of the local hospital, and who is also trapped inside.

Also trapped inside are Dr. Victor Cannerts (George Young), the doctor who “gave the call” for the city to be quarantined and Teresa (Hanna Mangan Lawrence), an seventeen year old girl who is eight months pregnant, and whose boyfriend, Xander (Demetrius Bridges) is outside. Meanwhile, Leo (Trevor St. John), a journalist following the story, discovers that there is more to this unexplainable outbreak, and uncovers a conspiracy against the public.

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Catch “Containment” on the CW when it premieres during this midseason.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Uploaded by by Tkgd2007, Some Person


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