Cowboys Sued By Fan That Burns Butt on Bench

By admin | 6 years ago

A fan for the Dallas Cowboys burned her butt literally, and is suing the organization and Jerry Jones the owner because of the burns she suffered. Jennelle Carrillo said the burns she suffered were through the negligence of the organization. Carrillo received burns to her buttocks after she allegedly sat on a bench a located outside of Cowboys Stadium.

Her lawyer said she sat on the black bench near the stadium entrance and suffered third degree burns that required skin grafts. The incident took place in August 2010, when she attended a football game at the stadium. Temperatures on that day were reported to be over 100 degrees.

Carrillo’s lawyer said she did not remain at the game because she was uncomfortable from the burns, but did not realize their severity until she went for medical attention.

When she went for medical attention, she was immediately admitted to the hospital for a weekend because of sustaining serious injury due to the burns. A portion of the lawsuit states that the bench had been uncovered and exposed to the August and the combination of the sun and the bench made of black marble caused it to become very hot and dangerous.

The suit also said that the stadium did not warn Carrillo or others of the dangers of the hot bench and there had not been any signs posted that warned people of the bench being extremely hot.

The lawsuit says Carrillo suffered physical pain, mental anguish and some disfigurement due to her burns.

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