‘Crash’ Director Doesn’t Think It Should Have Won best Picture

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
‘Crash’ Director Doesn’t Think It Should Have Won best Picture
Director Paul Haggis may be surprised just like many other critics and viewers when “Crash” won the Academy Award for best picture. He thinks his movie lacked the artistry, but was able to make a lasting impression on the hearts of numerous viewers, which possibly won him the award.

In 2006, the Academy Award for Best Pictures went to “Crash”. It came as a shock to many moviegoers and critics. They are surprised and left wondering as to how a 2004 drama movie on racial tension in Los Angeles can surpass nominees such as “Capote” and “Brokeback Mountain.” Paul Haggis, the co-writer, producer and director of the movie, seem to be surprised too as he never rushed to its defense. Read on.

According to Time.com, the director was talking about his upcoming HBO mini-series, “Show Me a Hero” in an interview with HitFix. Haggis did not hesitate in saying that the other movies at that time were at equal par with his movie.

“You should not ask me about whom one was the best movie of the year as I will not be voting for “Crash”, Haggis  continued.

He supported his claim by saying that the artistry in other movies was equally as good. He also felt proud that the film enabled him to win an Oscar. Beyond this, he was moved by the fact as to how many people and viewers were touched by his movie. The director says he still meets few people who said that their life has changed because of the movie.

According to Variety.com, Haggis realizes that there is a difference in work of art done in the movie and the impact made by it.

“If I am asked “is it a great movie”, I will simply say “I don’t know.” Haggis said.

The director feels that since the movie touched so many hearts, that it enabled it to win the Oscars, even though it lacked on artistry part. Everyone is delighted to win the Academy Award; it is a representation of the good work done by me or anyone else in the film industry. What is equally special to me is the fact that many people are finding a new meaning in their life, and changing the way they are living, for better.

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