Crazed Fan Charges towards Adam Levine while Onstage [WATCH VIDEO]

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago

When you’re a member of one of the hottest bands on Earth, you’d expect to get a lot of fan love. But one fan’s act of love shocked the living daylights out of Maroon 5’s Adam Levine and practically everyone in the Honda Center during the band’s concert there! Read on.

On Monday, April 6, FOX News reported that Maroon 5 was performing at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California. This is to be the band’s last performance in the North American leg of their concert tour. Levin, the band’s frontman, will be taking off for a while because the live tapings of NBC’s “The Voice,” on which he is among the coaches, will soon start.

Though many fans are going to miss seeing him, maybe he should be given a break for a while what with his latest fan experience.

As shown in the video, Levine was right in the middle of his song that night. Then, a female fan practically charged onstage and hugged him. Visibly shocked, Levine tried to pry the girl off before finally relenting and giving her a short hug. Fortunately, the security came in a bit and escorted the said fan off the stage.

After quite an experience, Levine turned back to the rest of his audience and said of how terrified he was back there, “It’s just weird to be, like, in the moment, [you] know? And [you’re] singing, and your eyes are closed, and you have this beautiful moment. And then the next thing you know, someone’s f–king in your face.” He added that he got a cut on his ear because of the fan’s fingernail, but he nonetheless thanked her for being a fan of the band.

But while Levine took it in stride, many of his fans didn’t. Entertainment Tonight reported that fans took to their respective social media accounts to bash aggressive fans for being the main reason as to why security in Maroon 5’s concerts are reportedly tighter and are pushing the audience farther from the actual stage.

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