‘Creed’ Movie: New Trailer Shows Rocky Balboa Passing The Legacy To Apollo’s Son [Watch Trailer]

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Creed’ Movie: New Trailer Shows Rocky Balboa Passing The Legacy To Apollo’s Son [Watch Trailer]

Some time back we saw the first trailer of “Creed.” It showed a new player in the town with roots deep down in boxing. This new player, Adonis Creed is the son of Apollo Creed who was killed mercilessly in “Rocky IV” by Ivan Drago, but after everything that went down, the son returns and so does Rocky’s spirit as he can be seen training him in the new trailer.

According to People, the new trailer shows that Rocky still has some fight left in him as he is shown entering the cell where Adonis is locked up. It is in the cell that Rocky decides to train old friend and mentor Apollo’s son.

With his presence and continuous motivation, Adonis is shown getting transformed into a proper fighter. At one point in the trailer, he can also be heard mentioning that he has got nothing to do with his father Apollo since he died before he was born. He is made to believe that he has to stand up to the legendary name bestowed upon him and prove everyone wrong.

Apart from the two main characters, Adonis’s partner and mother also get some screen time but the main focus falls on the antagonist who Adonis will be fighting in the movie. The main antagonist can be seen pointing out the fact that Adonis is a bit inexperienced since he has not fought that many matches, which further turns into an argument. Some fighting shots at the end of the trailer show Adonis in full Rocky’s spirit as he gets up after being severely beaten in the ring.

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Entertainment Weekly added that yesterday Michael B. Jordan, who is playing the role of Adonis Creed in the movie, shared a picture of himself in full boxing gear getting ready to enter the boxing ring. The “Fantastic Four” actor shared the picture on his Instagram account and the caption mentioned about a new trailer dropping soon.

Watch the new trailer:

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