‘Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders’ Spoilers: Joining Of Alana De La Garza & Annie Funke Followed By The Exit Of Anna Gunn

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
‘Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders’ Spoilers: Joining Of Alana De La Garza & Annie Funke Followed By The Exit Of Anna Gunn
Alana De La Garza

The fans of “Criminal Minds: Beyond Border” spinoff have been witnessing a few alterations in the characters for the last few days. There have been some updates regarding the exit of Anna Gunn and several speculations regarding the entry of high-profile actresses. Read on for more details.

Finally, it is reported by Deadline that Alana De La Garza has joined the cast of “Criminal Minds: Beyond Border” on last Friday. She will play the character of a cultural anthropologist on the International Response Team named Clara Seger.

According to the story, Seger is a smart and well-travelled field agent, who, as a part of FBI team, solves crimes involving the American citizens living abroad. The team also helps the Americans who find themselves in any sort of troubles. Seger is portrayed as a multi-skilled woman. De La Garza’s character is described who can speak an impressive number of languages, and excellently judge the characters. She is back after a break of two years from the International Response Team.

“Criminal Minds: Beyond Border” spinoff follows the function of an FBI’s division called Analysis Unit, which is spearheaded by Gary Sinise alias, Jack. The team also consists of the characters named Matt (a Special Ops agent) and Monty (tech expert), which are played by Daniel Henney and Tyler James Williams.

Garza was earlier seen playing as the lead female actress on ABC’s “Forever.” It is also reportedly informed that she is set to have a recurring role on the upcoming CBS’s second season of “Scorpion.” She is also popular for her tenure on “Law & Order.” She was also present in the short-lived “Law & Order: Los Angeles” spinoff.

Annie Funke accompanies Garza in her entry at “Criminal Minds: Beyond Border” as a fun and fearless medical examiner named Mae. Funke was admired for her good performance in “A Most Violent Year,” “The Intern” and Showtime series “The Affair.”

“Criminal Minds: Beyond Border” will officially have its premiere during midseason on CBS.

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Photo Source: Instagram/Alana De La Garza

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