Criminal Minds Recap: Season 9 Episode 23 Angels [WATCH VIDEO]

By Hannah Aven Guarin | 4 years ago
Criminal Minds Recap: Season 9 Episode 23 Angels [WATCH VIDEO]
e cast of Criminal Minds at the Paley Centre. Back row (left to right): Jayne Atkinson, Ed Bernero (producer), A. J. Cook, Kirsten Vangsness. Front row: Matthew Gray Gubler, Shemar Moore, Paget Brewster, Thomas Gibson, Joe Mantegna

“Criminal Minds” Season 9 Episode 23 “Angels” aired on Wednesday, May 7, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on CBS. The BAU team investigated about the murder of prostitutes in Texas. Read on for MNG’s “Criminal Minds” recap of Season 9 Episode 23 “Angels.”

Previously on “Criminal Minds” (“Angels” Season 9 Episode 23), the UnSub (unknown subject) was on the loose, killing prostitutes in Texas. The first victim was Lucas. He had been arrested for lobbying prostitutes. Then, there was Hannah, who was killed over six months ago. The third and the latest victim was Abigail (Ashley Dulaney). We saw her in the beginning of the episode with her hands tied, and the UnSub shot her in the head.

The BAU team stepped in to investigate about the series of killings. When JJ and Hotch (Thomas Gibson) arrived at the police station, Abigail’s sister, Carrie (Amy Schloerb), was waiting for them. She wanted to have a word with them. Meanwhile, Reid  (Matthew Gray Gubler) and Morgan (Shemar Moore) went to the bar. Dinah (Tamara Clatterbuck) told them that Abigail does things on her own. Tabitha (Sarah Stouffer) remarked about Mack the Knife. Morgan gave her his card, tried to play unnoticed but was noticed anyway.

Carrie told JJ that Abigail called her the night before she got killed. Abigail apologised to Carrie and told her that it would be her last chance to do things right as “they” were coming to get her.

The holy Preacher Mills (Brett Cullen) now involved himself with the case. He had some valuable information about Lucas. Lucas was a male prostitute who was trying to make both ends meet. After the examination of Lucas’ body, it was found that he had five cuts, no torture was inflicted and he was killed by a gunshot.

Then, Tabitha was found dead. Her body was tied into a tree. Reid smelled lavender in the corpse’s legs. Based on how Tabitha was killed, the team had now their lead—a wound collector, white male, early 30s. The killer knew that the FBI was there, and he was trying to prove a point. Perhaps that he was smarter than them. Mack the Knife’s identity was revealed as the profilers went through Tabitha’s records. He was a local school principal. However, he did not cut the victims. The victims cut him.

Preacher Mills confronted Dinah about what she was doing. What was odd was Mills asked for the names of the men. Let’s just call them the regulars. Dinah revealed to him about Travis (Gary Cairns), who was once cut, Belinda, and the flow of investigation. Then, we saw the preacher in a scene with Travis, telling him to find the guy who was setting him up for the crimes.

Preacher Mills was Gordon Borrell in his past life. He had his fair share of arrests for cutting girls. For the then Gordon, it was his way of marking his territory. However, he was not the UnSub. The preacher received a call from the druggie Travis. He said that he found the killer, but the UnSub got him first. So when the preacher walked into the diner to meet Travis, he saw his dead body with two dead girls. Guns were on the table. It seemed like the UnSub was framing him up. The UnSub called Mills and wished him luck.

Shooting followed. Reid  and Morgan were hit. To be continued . . .

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