Criminal Minds Season 10 Spoilers: Hotch Blamed For Hayley’s Death In Episode 20 [Watch Promo]

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Criminal Minds Season 10 Spoilers: Hotch Blamed For Hayley’s Death In Episode 20 [Watch Promo]
Criminal Minds

“Criminal Minds” season 10 spoilers revealed that viewers can expect intense scenes in episode 20, called “A Place At the Table” which airs this Wednesday, April 15, 2015on CBS.

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According to “Criminal Minds” season 10 spoilers from VC Post, the upcoming episode, episode 20, dubbed “A Place at the Table”, will feature BAU investigating a family murder after their bodies were found in their dining table. Usual investigation happens as they ask questions to friends and other family members. The BAU will also discover that the family was wealthy with some interesting past.

Meanwhile, Hotch will try to resolve things with Roy (Ed Asner), his late wife’s father, after learning that he was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Roy, however, still blames Hotch for his daughter’s death, but Hotch still tries his best to reach out to him before it is too late.

Speaking to TV Line, “Criminal Minds” executive producer Erica Messer spilled spoilers about the guest appearance of Asner.

According to Messer, Asner will play Roy, the father-in law of Hotch, who has been diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s. She revealed that things will start to heat up between Roy and Hotch as the two seemed to dislike each other.

“I think he’s the only person in the history of ‘Criminal Minds’ who’s told Hotch to shut up,” she revealed.

Messer shared that Roy will continue to blame Hotch for Haley’s death since he trusted him to look after her. It also didn’t help that because of his sickness, he had to depend on him to survive.

“The last thing he wants to do is ask Hotch for any help,” she adds.

Watch promo video for “Criminal Minds” season 10 episode 20, “A Place at the Table” below.

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“Criminal Minds” season 10 episode 20, called “A Place at the Table” airs on April 15, 9pm ET on CBS.

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