‘Criminal Minds’ Season 11: Introduction Of New Villains And Their Unique Ways Of Attacking The Victims

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
‘Criminal Minds’ Season 11: Introduction Of New Villains And Their Unique Ways Of Attacking The Victims

Fans and viewers of “Criminal Minds” are excited for the upcoming season 11 that is going to hit the small screen during the end of September. A Lot of speculations has so far been made but there is no doubt that the show is going to have a huge tension between the characters of “Criminal Minds” season 11. It is because some confusions are still not solved that aroused with the release of a recent trailer. Read below for more details.

According to Master Herald, one of the most surprising and unanswered matters has surfaced with the release of the trailer. The trailer claimed that there could be a mole within the agency who was secretly involved in leaking all the data. But his/her identity is not recognized. This suspense will undoubtedly make the entire plot very dramatic for the viewers mainly who are fond of mystery and drama and it seems with an objective to add fuel to it. The script writers are trying to bring an exciting drama for identifying the mole.

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On the other hand, “Criminal Minds” season 11 is likely to introduce lot of new villains, but we don’t have any update as the details are yet to be revealed. But the show is going to introduce a new villain in the starting episode who would attack his enemies, rather victims, in a very silent and furtive way. The trailer shows how a masked man silently overwhelms his victims and puts injections. Then he paints something over their faces that could be an idea of leaving a proof for the investigators that he is doing everything out of revenge.

It’s a crazy arc. It’s exciting, spooky, team members might be in peril…. Fun stuff as always!” Matthew Gray Gubler, who played the role of Dr. Spencer Reid, said to TVLine.

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The executive producer and showrunner, Erica Messer, revealed to Entertainment Weekly that Gubler’s character Dr. Reid would have a very dramatically big moment in premiere episode of “Criminal Minds.”

“He gets to do a take down Reid style, which is just using his brain with a physical thing that’s really disturbing — you have to turn away. It’s not a standoff with a gun, it’s a Reid version of a takedown,” Messer teased.

“Criminal Minds” season 11 will premiere on Sept. 30, 2015 on CBS.

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