‘Criminal Minds’ Season 11 Spoilers: Kate Callahan’s Replacement Revealed On Premiere

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
‘Criminal Minds’ Season 11 Spoilers: Kate Callahan’s Replacement Revealed On Premiere

Fans must be looking forward to “Criminal Minds.” The Season 11 is about to commence in September. The show will be aired on CBS on Wednesday nights.The new season of “Criminal Minds” will pick up where season 10 left off. The first episode will reportedly show Aaron Hotchner, who is played by Thomas Gibson, interviewing candidates to fill in the role of Kate Callahan, played by Jennifer Love Hewitt.

It was previously made known by the producers that Jennifer Love Hewitt will be absent from the show for season 11, because of child bearing responsibilites, but will return to the show for Season 12.

The story will continue with Aaron picking one person to replace Kate. Aaron will finally narrow it down to one candidate. He will pick Dr. Lewis for the job at the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU). Dr. Lewis will be a psychologist with an eye for forensic psychology and its application toward the criminal justice system. Aisha Tyler will be playing Dr. Lewis in Season 11.

AJ Cook, who plays the role of Jennifer Jareau, will also be missing in action during the first five episodes of the series, as the actress is also on maternity leave these days.

Meanwhile the cast and crew are back to work. They have started doing table reads for the upcoming season. The new season is filling up with more interesting and exciting crimes for the team to solve. Despite this, the police procedural drama is supposed to have one of the shortest episode orders on CBS.

“Criminal Minds” is set primarily at the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) and the events of the show happen around Quantico, Virginia. The show’s plot differs from other procedural dramas by focusing on the psychological profiling the criminal to catch a criminal, rather than using the events at the actual crime itself.

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