‘Criminal Minds’ Season 11 Updates: Actor Matthew Gray Gubler To Direct An Episode, Jennifer Jareau Exits The Show

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
‘Criminal Minds’ Season 11 Updates: Actor Matthew Gray Gubler To Direct An Episode, Jennifer Jareau Exits The Show
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After the entry of Jackie Chan and Aisha Taylor in the upcoming season of “Criminal Minds,” plenty of updates are coming out about the entry and departure of the cast members. We are here with the new surprises that are waiting for you.

“Criminal Minds” season 11 star Matthew Gray Gubler, who would once again be seen playing the character of Dr. Spencer Reid in the upcoming season, echoed that the fans would witness the exit of another Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) team member in the new season. He also revealed that he would take the sole responsibility to directing the exit episode.

The news has disappointed the fans as it’s certainly tough to imagine any BAU member leaving the show. Earlier, the viewers of “Criminal Minds” were not happy mainly when Jennifer Love Hewitt (aka Kate Callahan) left the show.

Some indications have surfaced from Gubler’s comments that Dr. Reid’s personal life could get a toehold in season 11 and Erica Messer is said to be pondering over it. Dr. Reid will perhaps start working with a new forensic team partner, Tara Lewis, the character to be played by Taylor. Fans and spoiler experts are speculating that they might gradually fall in love with each other while working together.

Another rumor is in the air that Diana Reid could reprise her role in season 11 as Jane Lynch (Dr. Reid’s mother), who was last seen as a schizophrenia patient in season 4. On the other hand, one of the favorite characters of the viewers, AJ Cook, will not be seen in the upcoming season. Cook’s character is so far played by Jennifer Jareau.

“It’s about a sort of Silk Road/hitman-for-hire storyline. Now that Silk Road’s been dismantled, the bad guys are still out there even if they don’t have Silk Road to be their organization. We’re picking up those pieces of what happens when you kill the head of a monster?… Just another one grows,” executive producer Messer described season 11, as published by Entertainment Weekly.

“Criminal Minds” season 11 is expected to premiere on Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2015 on CBS.

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