Criminal Minds Spoilers: 2015 Spinoff Casts Gary Sinise, Anna Gunn and Daniel Henney

By DV Pre | 3 years ago
Criminal Minds Spoilers: 2015 Spinoff Casts Gary Sinise, Anna Gunn and Daniel Henney
Gary Sinise

The spinoff of CBS’s popular police-procedural television series “Criminal Minds” boasts a popular cast that will surely rake in a lot of new viewers. Read on for more details.

The “Criminal Minds” spinoff series will focus on an FBI division together with other FBI agents assisting Americans who happen to meet several problems abroad. Former “CSI: New York” star Gary Sinise will portray 20-year FBI veteran Jack Garrett who is heading the top team of the bureau. As for CBS, it seems that Sinese was effective in his role on “CSI: New York”, and as he was offered the role for “Criminal Minds”, he immediately responded.

Also, Anna Gunn, who portrays another lead star, will play Skilled Linguist and International Law Expert Ally Lambert. Anna Gunn is an award-winning actress who won 2 Emmy Awards for her character as Styler, Walter White’s wife, on “Breaking Bad.”

Another casting for “Criminal Minds” includes Daniel Henney as Matt Simmons. He is an attractive family man who is equipped with his profiling skills with his developed training in the fields. who is also said to be an army brat. Henney is known to be the voice behind Tadashi of Oscar-nominated animated film “Big Hero 6.” He also appeared on “NCIS: Los Angeles,” “Hawaii Five-O and “X-men Origins: Wolverine.”

In an interview with Deadline, CBS Chairman Nina Tasser revealed that the network had high hopes for the series. Nasser held that having Erica Messer, who she says is “one of the best showrunners,” serves almost as a guarantee of the quality of the spinoff.

What do you think of the “Criminal Minds” spinoff? Are you satisfied with CBS’ pick of the cast? Do you think it would be able to live up to the hype and actually be a good hit? Sound off in the comments below.

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