Critics: Life of Pi Movie

By admin | 6 years ago

Critics: Life of Pi MovieLife of Pi takes place in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. A 450 pound Bengal tiger is stranded in a small lifeboat with Pi Patel (Suraj Sharma), who is a brave, religious boy who believed that everything is possible.

He is the son of a zookeeper. His father forced his family to move to Canada via a boat. It had a crew and several different animals. Then during a storm, the boat sinks and Pi tries to save his family. He is thrown into a lifeboat with a zebra and another man.

The rough waters send the other man off the lifeboat and Pi finds himself in the middle of the ocean. He saves an orangutan and Richard Parker, the Bengal tiger. And this is the start of the Life of Pi. It is an epic adventure done in 3D.

Life of Pi is visually good. It has beautiful camera shots with incredible CGI. Director Ang Lee does a wonderful job of making a remarkable story with breathtaking backgrounds. Most of the movie takes place in the middle of the ocean but he manages to make everything awe-inspiring.

Richard Parker is completely made of computer graphics but he is nicely done that the viewers would really believe it is the real thing. While there are some scenes where the tiger doesn’t look real and yet people can look pass them. Director Lee keeps viewers at the edge of their seats as they patiently wait for what will happen next to Pi and the tiger.

Life of Pi is based on a novel of the same title written by Yann Martel. It tackles several religions such as Catholicism, Hinduism, and Muslim. As a young boy, Pi’s father tells him that if he believes in everything, it is like believing in nothing. He tells the boy to choose what to believe. It is recommended to anyone who likes stories of hope, love, life and the possibility that everything’s possible.

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