Crossbones Season 1 Finale Recap: Crossbones and Blackbeard [WATCH VIDEO]

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Crossbones Season 1 Finale Recap: Crossbones and Blackbeard [WATCH VIDEO]
John Malkovich at “Master Class with John Malkovich” at 44th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. (9 July 2009) Wikimedia Commons/Petr Novák, Wikipedia/Wikimedia Commons

“Crossbones” Season 1 Finale Episode 8 “Crossbones” and Episode 9 “Blackbeard” aired on Saturday, Aug. 2, 2014, at 8:00 p.m. on NBC. “Crossbones” ended its journey with a two-hour final episode after being cancelled. You can check out the details on its cancelation HERE. Read on to learn more about Episode 8 “Crossbones” and Episode 9 “Blackbeard” recaps.

Previously on “Beggarman” (air date: July 25, 2014), Blackbeard (John Malkovich) returned to his position as the commodore and head pirate of Santa Campana. It was after his surprising successful head operation administered by Lowe (Richard Coyle) in “A Hole in the Head.”

“Crossbones” Season 1 Finale Episode 8 “Crossbones” Recap:

In “Crossbones,” the Commodore called a healing Lowe to admit his real plan on surprising the Spaniards. He was determined on getting their treasures for the entire pirate crew. He also gave him some clothes to replace his blood-soaked and tattered ones. They gathered all the others inside the Reaver.

They were intercepted by Jagger (Jullian Sands) crew as they resume with their original plan. Blackbeard wanted to halt their journey and battle with his greatest enemy since “The Devil’s Dominion.” Rider (David Hoflin) refused to stop, but Blackbeard made his decision. He plunged his sword onto his right-hand man and pushed it to the sea.

Meanwhile, Kate (Claire Foy) informed Lowe that she was pregnant with his child. They started their illicit affair behind her crippled husband in “The Covenant.” Lowe was surprised when she told him that she wanted to get rid of their love child. When he refused, Kate went to Neena (Tracy Ifeacher) for an alternative solution. Kate drank the poison, but it came with grave results.

Later, James (Peter Stebbings) saw his wife in the floor so he called on Lowe. They found out that she needed blood transfusion. Upon hearing this, James volunteered to give his blood, but Lowe refused. They set on finding another solution that might not result to Kate’s husband and the father of their child.

“Crossbones” Season 1 Finale Episode 9 “Blackbeard” Recap:

In “Blackbeard,” Jagger tried to get information for Blackbeard’s whereabouts from Rider. The previous episode ended with an interesting cliffhanger that Rider was still alive despite being critically wounded by Blackbeard.

The pirates tried to question Blackbeard’s motive for killing Rider in Santa Campana. Their interrogation was postponed when fire and bullet started to rain over them. They learned that Jagger has found their secret location. A war ensued between both sides, but it seemed that Jagger got this for his crew. Jagger and his soldiers outnumbered the pirates, resulting to a lot of deaths. Rider came back to save Blackbeard and the others for the survival of their island. Jagger also brought Antoinette, who was captured in “The Return.”

Elsewhere, Selima went to hiding as requested by Blackbeard, who proposed marriage to her. She was later seen by Blackbeard’s former wife, Antoinette (Laura Shaw). There was a battle between both women, and Selima slightly wounded the crazy woman. Antoinette attacked her, which resulted to Selima’s death. Blackbeard arrived to see Antoinette and plunged a sword in her stomach. She slowly died at the exact same place where she killed Blackbeard’s lover.

Blackbeard and the others savored over their win against Jagger and the redcoats. Unfortunately, Lowe disagreed that Blackbeard must ascend to the throne. He challenged the commodore into a fight, but Blackbeard was already weak.

Lowe returned to Jamaica after several weeks. He went to the new governor and confronted him. He told the governor not to harm the pirate island and its inhabitants anymore. The man can assure that Lowe was really serious when he brought Blackbeard’s severed head in exchange of being known as his killer. The episode ends as a healthy and alive Blackbeard sits near the shore on a deserted island with his knapsack.

And that’s it for the “Crossbones” recaps for Episode 8 “Crossbones” and Episode 9 “Blackbeard.” It aired on Saturday, Aug. 2, 2014, at 8:00 p.m. on NBC. Follow Movie News Guide (MNG) as we keep you posted on updates about “Crossbones.”

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