Cruise and Holmes Finalize Divorce Settlement

By admin | 6 years ago

Tom Cruise has officially settled his divorce from Katie Holmes. Following his divorce, the majority of Cruise’s net worth will remain intact two months after the she first filed for divorce. All Holmes requested was custody of their daughter Suri. A source close to the couple said that due to a prenuptial agreement, Holmes would not receive any spousal support from Cruise.

Cruise, who is 50, must pay for his daughter’s care. Holmes will have sole custody of Suri, but Cruise will have meaningful visitation. He will have to continue paying for her care until his daughter reaches 18. The agreement calls for annual payments of $400,000 that will cover her schooling, health insurance, dental care and extracurricular activities. He will have to make payments monthly of $33,333.00. That amounts to over $4.8 million in payments over the next 12 years until Suri reaches 18.

Holmes, even though she will not receive any spousal support, will not be hurting for any money. The former star of Dawson’s Creek on the small screen and a number of movies on the big screen has a number of jobs lined up along with a fashion line Holmes & Yang that will be debuting in September in the upcoming New York Fashion Week.

This fall Holmes will appear in One Day When We Were Young on Broadway and following that, she will start production on Responsible Adults, a romantic comedy that she is co-starring in with Chace Crawford

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