Cruz and Bardem Welcome Second Child

By admin | 4 years ago

Actors Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz chose a day to have a baby when no one would notice. Their second child, a baby girl, was born on Monday in Madrid, Spain, which happened to be the same day Prince William and Kate Middleton had their royal baby boy.

The couple is very private and no other news about their second child was available. Bardem, who is 44, and Cruz 39, wed in July of 2010 and has one son named Leo who is 2.

This past February the couple confirmed what everyone already thought, that Cruz was expecting again. The actress, who is an Oscar winner, told a Spanish TV station that she was excited and happy to be welcoming her second child with husband Bardem.

Shortly after they welcomed Leo, Cruz told a magazine reporter how much she had been changed by motherhood. She said that from the very first second, she felt great love and it was an incredible experience. She said she could not explain it any other way, but it transforms you 100% in just one second.

She said nature was good in that it gives the mother nine months to make preparations, but in an instant when you first see the baby’s face, the transformation takes place and you are different forever.

In an interview in April of 2012, Cruz said she decided to slow her career down to focus on taking care of her family.

She said she might make a movie each year and possibly two, but it would not be any more than that because her priorities now were different than before she had her own children.

Cruz was expecting her second baby during the same time Monica Cruz, her younger sister, was expecting her first child. Monica, who is 36, gave birth to her baby, a girl, in May of this year, through an anonymous sperm donor.

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