Crystal Fairy a Trippy Journey

By admin | 4 years ago

moview Crystal FairyCrystal Fairy is about the quest of finding the San Pedro cactus to extra mescaline from it. A group of five young people want to consume substances in order to get high. As the movie progresses, psychological and spiritual changes occur.

Chilean director Sebastian Silva didn’t have a detailed script while working on Crystal Fairy. Most of the time he winged it as he kept a 12 page outline just in case. Michael Cera plays Jamie, the ugly American. He is a slacker living in Chile, where he goes on a road trip to find the San Pedro cactus.

Jamie is accompanied by his friend Champa (Juan Andres Silva) and Champa’s brothers Lel (Jose Miguel Silva) and Pilo (Agustin Silva). The Silva brothers are real life siblings of the movie’s director.

Jamie meets the titular character Crystal Fairy (Gaby Hoffman) in a party and invites her to come along. Her presence disrupts Jamie’s focus on consuming substances, which she says is his defense mechanism against his fears.

On the outside, Jamie is a jerk and treats Crystal badly. He calls her Crystal Hairy because of her unshaven body hair. While his companions are enjoying life, Jamie is too obsessed in finding the cactus. In turn, Crystal calls Jamie Pollo, which is the Spanish word for chicken.

The real action starts when the group consumes the mescaline from the San Pedro cactus. Instead of the expected drug-induced release, Jamie and Crystal show emotional breakthroughs. This must be the darkest role Cera has played in his career. Hoffman, on the other hand, has a very unforgettable performance. She is a natural for the role.

Crystal Fairy ends with viewers questioning what happened on screen. It is a comedy about doing drugs with some elements of a psychological drama. It contains obscenity, nudity that is nonerotic, and drug use.

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